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nPartition Administrator's Guide


Technical documentation

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HP Part Number: 5991–1247B

Edition: First Edition

Published: February 2007

Table of Contents

About This Document
New and Changed Information in This Edition
Document Organization
Typographic Conventions
Related Information
Publishing History
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1 Getting Started with nPartitions
Introduction to nPartitions
Operating Systems Supported on nPartitions
HP Server Support for nPartitions
Hardware Components of nPartition-Capable Servers
Administration Tools for nPartitions
Commands for Configuring nPartitions
Partition Manager
nPartition Properties
Partition Numbers
Assigned and Unassigned Cells
Base Cells
Core Cells
Active and Inactive Cells
Cell Local Memory
Cell Property Details
Active and Inactive nPartition Boot States
Overview of Managing nPartitions
Basics of Listing nPartition and Complex Status
Basics of nPartition Creation
Basics of nPartition Modification
Basics of nPartition Booting and Resetting
Complex Profile
Changing the Server Complex Profile
Complex Profile Entry Locking and Unlocking
Complex Profile Group Details
Remote and Local Management of nPartitions
Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)
Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM)
Local Management
Remote Management Using WBEM
Remote Management Using IPMI over LAN
Licensing Information: Getting Server Product Details
nPartition and Virtual Partition Unique Identifiers
2 nPartition Server Hardware Overview
sx1000 Chipset for HP Servers
sx2000 Chipset for HP Servers
Model Identifiers for Machine Hardware
Server Hardware Details: Cell-Based HP Servers
Two-Cell nPartition Server Model
Four-Cell nPartition Server Model
Superdome Server Models
3 Planning nPartitions
nPartition Hardware Requirements for Operating Systems
Configuration Requirements for nPartitions
Recommended nPartition Configurations
Recommended HP Superdome nPartition Configurations
4 Using Management Interfaces and Tools
SMS (Support Management Station) for HP Superdome Servers
Overview of nPartition Service Processor (MP or GSP) Interfaces
Service Processor (MP or GSP) Features
Service Processor Accounts and Access Levels
nPartition Console Features
nPartition Console Access versus Direct OS Login
Boot Console Handler System Boot Environment
Extensible Firmware Interface System Boot Environment
Windows Special Administration Console (SAC)
Accessing and Using the Service Processor
Using Service Processor Menus
Network Configuration for a Service Processor
Viewing Console Logs
Viewing Chassis Codes or Event Logs
Virtual Front Panel (VFP) nPartition Views
Command Reference for Service Processor Commands
Command Reference for EFI Shell Commands
Command Reference for BCH Menu Commands
5 Booting and Resetting nPartitions
Overview of nPartition System Booting
Boot Process Differences for nPartitions on HP 9000 servers and HP Integrity servers
Types of Booting and Resetting for nPartitions
System Boot Configuration Options
Tools for Booting nPartitions
Task Summaries for nPartition Boot and Reset
Troubleshooting Boot Problems
Accessing nPartition Console and System Boot Interfaces
Monitoring nPartition Boot Activity
Finding Bootable Devices
Performing a Transfer of Control Reset
Booting and Shutting Down HP-UX
HP-UX Support for Cell Local Memory
Adding HP-UX to the Boot Options List
Booting HP-UX
Shutting Down HP-UX
Booting and Shutting Down HP OpenVMS I64
HP OpenVMS I64 Support for Cell Local Memory
Adding HP OpenVMS to the Boot Options List
Booting HP OpenVMS
Shutting Down HP OpenVMS
Booting and Shutting Down Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows Support for Cell Local Memory
Adding Microsoft Windows to the Boot Options List
Booting Microsoft Windows
Shutting Down Microsoft Windows
Booting and Shutting Down Linux
Linux Support for Cell Local Memory
Adding Linux to the Boot Options List
Booting Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Booting SuSE Linux Enterprise Server
Shutting Down Linux
Rebooting and Resetting nPartitions
Performing a Reboot for Reconfig
Shutting Down to a Shutdown for Reconfig (Inactive) State
Booting an Inactive nPartition
Booting over a Network
Booting to the HP-UX Initial System Loader (ISL)
Booting to the HP-UX Loader (HPUX.EFI)
Using HP-UX Loader Commands
HPUX.EFI Boot Loader Commands
HPUX Boot Loader Commands Issued from ISL
Booting to the Linux Loader (ELILO.EFI)
Linux Boot Option Management
Using Linux Loader (ELILO) Commands
Configuring Boot Paths and Options
Configuring Autoboot Options
Configuring Boot-Time System Tests
6 Creating and Configuring nPartitions
Tools for Configuring nPartitions
Task Summaries for Creating and Configuring nPartitions
Creating a Genesis Partition
Creating a New nPartition
Removing (Deleting) an nPartition
Assigning (Adding) Cells to an nPartition
Unassigning (Removing) Cells from an nPartition
Renaming an nPartition
Renaming a Server Complex
Setting Cell Attributes
Setting nPartition Core Cell Choices
Unlocking Complex Profile Entries
Canceling Pending Changes to the Complex Profile
7 Managing Hardware Resources
Tools for Managing Hardware
Task Summaries for Hardware Resource Management
Powering Server Cabinets On and Off
Powering Cells and I/O Chassis On and Off
Turning Attention Indicators (LEDs) On and Off
Configuring and Deconfiguring Cells
Configuring and Deconfiguring Processors
Enabling and Disabling Hyper-Threading on Dual-Core Intel® Itanium® 2 Processors
Configuring and Deconfiguring Memory (DIMMs)
Complex Health Analysis of a Server
8 Listing nPartition and Hardware Status
Tools for Listing Status
Task Summaries for nPartition and Hardware Status
Listing Cell Configurations
Listing Processor Configurations
Listing Memory Configurations
Listing Input/Output (I/O) Configurations
Listing Cabinets in a Server Complex
Listing Product and Serial Numbers
Listing nPartition Configurations
Listing the Local nPartition Number
Listing Power Status and Power Supplies
Listing Fan and Blower Status
A nPartition Commands
Specifying Cells and I/O Chassis to Commands
Cell Specification Formats
I/O Specification Format
Specifying Remote Management Options to Commands
parcreate Command
parmodify Command
parremove Command
parstatus Command
parunlock Command
fruled Command
frupower Command
cplxmodify Command
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