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nPartition Administrator's Guide > Chapter 5 Booting and Resetting nPartitions

Performing a Transfer of Control Reset


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You can perform a transfer of control (TOC) reset by using the Service Processor (MP or GSP) TC command, as described in the following procedure.

If crash dump is configured for the operating system on the nPartition, when you TOC the nPartition while it is running the operating system then the nPartition performs a crash dump.

Procedure 5-5 Performing a Transfer of Control Reset (Service Processor)

Use the Command menu TC command to perform a transfer-of-control (TOC) reset of an nPartition.

  1. Login to the service processor (MP or GSP) and enter CM to access the Command Menu.

  2. At the Command menu, enter the TC command, specify which nPartition is to be reset, and confirm whether to TOC the nPartition.

    The TC command performs a transfer-of-control reset on the specified nPartition.

    If you are accessing the service processor using a single-partition-user account, the TC command selects which nPartition is to be reset: the nPartition that your account allows you to access.

    If using an operator or administrator account, you can select which nPartitions in the server complex you want to TOC.

    Be certain to select the correct nPartition to be reset.

    GSP:CM> TC This command TOCs the selected partition. WARNING: Execution of this command irrecoverably halts all system processing and I/O activity and restarts the selected partition. # Name --- ---- 0) jules00 1) jules01 Select a partition number: 0 Do you want to TOC partition number 0? (Y/[N]) y -> The selected partition will be TOCed. GSP:CM>
  3. After you initiate the TOC, you can observe its progress and select the type of crash dump through the nPartition console.

    Once the nPartition completes the dump, or once you cancel it, the nPartition reboots.

    ******* Unexpected TOC. Processor HPA FFFFFFFF'FC07C000 ******* GENERAL REGISTERS: r00/03 00000000'00000000 00000000'0099CA2C 00000000'00000000 00000000'010BB790 r04/07 00000000'00000002 00000000'010BC140 00000000'0080F000 00000000'00AA2490 r08/11 00000000'00000001 00000000'0099A800 00000000'0099A800 00000000'0099C800 .... Processor 8 TOC: pcsq.pcoq = 0'0.0'12675c isr.ior = 0'10340004.0'2f8bfd30 Boot device reset done. *** The dump will be a SELECTIVE dump: 457 of 4080 megabytes. *** To change this dump type, press any key within 10 seconds. *** Proceeding with selective dump. *** The dump may be aborted at any time by pressing ESC. *** Dumping: 7% complete (32 of 457 MB) (device 64:0x2)
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