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nPartition Administrator's Guide > Chapter 5 Booting and Resetting nPartitions

Booting to the HP-UX Initial System Loader (ISL)


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On HP 9000 servers, you can boot to the HP-UX Initial System Loader (ISL) by using the following procedure.

NOTE: The Initial System Loader (ISL) interface is available only from HP-UX boot devices on HP 9000 servers (PA-RISC systems).

See “Using HP-UX Loader Commands” for details in issuing commands to the HP-UX Boot Loader (hpux) from the Initial System Loader (the ISL> prompt).

Procedure 5-50 Initial System Loader (ISL) Booting of HP-UX

From the BCH Menu, to access the ISL prompt issue the BOOT command and and reply y (for "yes") to the Do you wish to stop at the ISL prompt question. The BCH Menu is available only on HP 9000 systems.

  1. Access the BCH Main Menu for the nPartition from which you will be running and accessing the ISL interface.

    Login to the service processor (MP or GSP) and enter CO to access the Console list. Select the nPartition console. When accessing the console, confirm that you are at the BCH Main Menu (the Main Menu: Enter command or menu> prompt). If at a BCH menu other than the Main Menu, then enter MA to return to the BCH Main Menu.

  2. Boot the desired device using the BOOT command at the BCH interface, and specify that the nPartition stop at the ISL prompt prior to booting (reply y to the "stop at the ISL prompt" question).

    Main Menu: Enter command or menu > BOOT 0/0/2/0/0.13 BCH Directed Boot Path: 0/0/2/0/0.13 Do you wish to stop at the ISL prompt prior to booting? (y/n) >> y Initializing boot Device. .... ISL Revision A.00.42 JUN 19, 1999 ISL>

    Replying "n" (no, do not stop at ISL) skips the ISL prompt and proceeds to execute the AUTO file, which by default will boot HP-UX (/stand/vmunix) on the nPartition.

    ISL: Initial System Loader. Replying "y" (yes, do stop at ISL) allows you to interact directly with the Initial System Loader (ISL) and the Secondary System Loader (hpux) for the boot device. Enter all ISL commands from the ISL> prompt.

    hpux: Secondary System Loader. From the ISL prompt you also can enter commands that are executed by the Secondary System Loader (hpux). Preface your Secondary System Loader command with hpux. For example: hpux ls /stand to list the contents of the /stand directory on the booted device.

    Refer to the isl(1M) and hpux(1M) manpages for details.

  3. Issue commands from the ISL prompt (ISL>), or enter the EXIT command to leave the ISL interface and return to the BCH Menu.

  4. Exit the console and service processor interfaces if finished using them.

    To exit the BCH environment type ^B (Control-B); this exits the nPartition console and returns to the service processor Main Menu. To exit the service processor, type X at the Main Menu.

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