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nPartition Administrator's Guide > Chapter 4 Using Management Interfaces and Tools

Boot Console Handler System Boot Environment


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Each nPartition in a server complex has its own Boot Console Handler (BCH) interface.

The BCH interface is available through an nPartition console interface before an operating system has booted and after the cells have booted and performed nPartition rendezvous (to make the nPartition active).

The nPartition BCH interface enables you to manage and configure the HP-UX boot process for an nPartition. You also can configure some settings for the local nPartition, get some information about the nPartition and its server complex, and perform other tasks such as reboot.

  • To access an nPartition console type CO from the service processor (MP or GSP) Main menu.

  • To force console write access, type ^ecf (Control-e c f).

  • To exit the console, type ^b (Control-b) to return to the Main Menu.

The BCH interface is available after one or more core-capable cells assigned to the nPartition has been powered on; its hardware has completed all Power-On Self Tests (POST); and the cells have booted past boot-is-blocked, rendezvoused, and BCH has started executing.

Once you begin the HP-UX boot process and load ISL, the BCH interface is no longer available.

The BCH menus and commands for nPartitions differ slightly from the commands menus for BCH on other HP 9000 server systems.

To display the current BCH menu and commands, type DI.

The BCH interface HELP command lists BCH command or menu details.

Main Menu: Enter command or menu > HELP MA ---- Main Menu Help ---------------------------------------------------------- The following submenus are available from the main menu: COnfiguration------------------------------------BootID INformation-----------------------ALL BootTimer SERvice-------------BAttery BootINfo CEllConfig CLEARPIM CAche COreCell MemRead ChipRevisions CPUConfig PDT ComplexID DataPrefetch PIM FabricInfo DEfault SCSI FRU FastBoot FwrVersion KGMemory IO PathFlag LanAddress PD MEmory ResTart PRocessor TIme ...
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