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nPartition Administrator's Guide > Chapter 5 Booting and Resetting nPartitions

Monitoring nPartition Boot Activity


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On HP cell-based servers you can monitor the nPartition boot process—from power-on or reset to operating system start-up—using the Virtual Front Panel (VFP) view of the nPartition.

Each nPartition has its own VFP that displays details about the cells assigned to the nPartition and the current boot state and activity.

Procedure 5-2 Monitoring Boot Activity (Service Processor)

Use the VFP option from the service processor Main Menu to access an nPartition Virtual Front Panel for monitoring the nPartition boot status.

  1. Login to the service processor (MP or GSP).

  2. From the Main Menu, enter VFP to select the Virtual Front Panel option.

    GSP MAIN MENU: Utility Subsystem FW Revision Level: SR_XXXX_D CO: Consoles VFP: Virtual Front Panel CM: Command Menu CL: Console Logs SL: Show chassis Logs HE: Help X: Exit Connection GSP> VFP

    If you are accessing the service processor using a single-partition-user account, selecting the VFP option takes you directly to the nPartition Virtual Front Panel.

    If accessing the GSP using an operator or administrator account, you can select the VFP for any single nPartition, or can select a system VFP that displays the nPartition state and activity for all nPartitions within the server complex.

  3. Select the nPartition you wish to monitor.

    Skip this step if you are accessing the service processor using a single-partition-user account.

    Partition VFP's available: # Name --- ---- 0) jules00 1) jules01 S) System (all chassis codes) Q) Quit GSP:VFP> 1
  4. View the VFP details for information about the nPartition and its current boot state.

    To exit the VFP and return to the service processor main menu, type ^b (Control-b).

    The VFP provides details including the nPartition state, nPartition activity, and the state and activity for each cell assigned to the nPartition. The VFP display updates as the cell or nPartition state and activities change.

    E indicates error since last boot Partition 1 state Activity ------------------ -------- Cell(s) Booting: 57 Logs # Cell state Activity - ---------- -------- 4 Booting Cell firmware test 28 Logs 6 Booting Cell firmware test 28 Logs GSP:VFP (^B to Quit) >
  5. At the service processor (MP or GSP) Main Menu, enter X to exit the service processor interface.

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