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nPartition Administrator's Guide > Chapter 4 Using Management Interfaces and Tools

Viewing Console Logs


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Each nPartition in a server complex has its own console log that stores a record of the most recent nPartition console activity.

To access the console log for an nPartition, enter CL from the service processor Main menu and select which nPartition console log you want to view. To exit the console log viewer, type ^b (Control-b) to return to the Main menu.

When viewing an nPartition console log, type P to view the previous page of the console log, or type N (or Enter) to view the next page.

When you enter a console log viewer it displays the oldest data in the log first and allows you to page through the log to view the more recently recorded activity.

Each console log is a circular log file that records approximately 30 to 40 pages of data. All nPartition console activity is written to this log file, regardless of whether a user is connected to the nPartition console.

As a console log is written the oldest data in the log is overwritten by current data, as needed, so that the last 30 to 40 pages of console output always is available from the console log viewer.

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