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nPartition Administrator's Guide

Chapter 5 Booting and Resetting nPartitions


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  Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Overview of nPartition System Booting
Boot Process Differences for nPartitions on HP 9000 servers and HP Integrity servers
Types of Booting and Resetting for nPartitions
System Boot Configuration Options
Tools for Booting nPartitions
Task Summaries for nPartition Boot and Reset
Troubleshooting Boot Problems
Accessing nPartition Console and System Boot Interfaces
Monitoring nPartition Boot Activity
Finding Bootable Devices
Performing a Transfer of Control Reset
Booting and Shutting Down HP-UX
HP-UX Support for Cell Local Memory
Adding HP-UX to the Boot Options List
Booting HP-UX
Shutting Down HP-UX
Booting and Shutting Down HP OpenVMS I64
HP OpenVMS I64 Support for Cell Local Memory
Adding HP OpenVMS to the Boot Options List
Booting HP OpenVMS
Shutting Down HP OpenVMS
Booting and Shutting Down Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows Support for Cell Local Memory
Adding Microsoft Windows to the Boot Options List
Booting Microsoft Windows
Shutting Down Microsoft Windows
Booting and Shutting Down Linux
Linux Support for Cell Local Memory
Adding Linux to the Boot Options List
Booting Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Booting SuSE Linux Enterprise Server
Shutting Down Linux
Rebooting and Resetting nPartitions
Performing a Reboot for Reconfig
Shutting Down to a Shutdown for Reconfig (Inactive) State
Booting an Inactive nPartition
Booting over a Network
Booting to the HP-UX Initial System Loader (ISL)
Booting to the HP-UX Loader (HPUX.EFI)
Using HP-UX Loader Commands
HPUX.EFI Boot Loader Commands
HPUX Boot Loader Commands Issued from ISL
Booting to the Linux Loader (ELILO.EFI)
Linux Boot Option Management
Using Linux Loader (ELILO) Commands
Configuring Boot Paths and Options
Configuring Autoboot Options
Configuring Boot-Time System Tests

This chapter introduces nPartition system boot and reset concepts, configuration options, and procedures for booting and resetting nPartitions.

This chapter covers boot details for HP-UX, HP OpenVMS I64, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and the SuSE Linux Enterprise Server operating systems.

Differences in the nPartition boot process on PA-RISC systems and Intel Itanium-based systems also are addressed in this chapter.

CAUTION: An nPartition on an HP Integrity server cannot boot HP-UX virtual partitions when in nPars boot mode. Likewise, an nPartition on an HP Integrity server cannot boot an operating system outside of a virtual partition when in vPars boot mode.

For details, refer to “Boot Modes on HP Integrity nPartitions: nPars and vPars Modes”.

NOTE: For details on boot and reset of nPartitions running vPars software, refer to Installing and Managing HP-UX Virtual Partitions (vPars).
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