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Model Identifiers for Machine Hardware


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The machine hardware model identifies the server hardware type.

A summary of the supported cell-based servers and their corresponding model identifiers appears in “Server Hardware Details: Cell-Based HP Servers”.

You can report the machine hardware model for the local server complex using the following methods:

  • From HP-UX 11i use either the /usr/bin/model command or the /usr/bin/getconf MACHINE_MODEL command.

  • From the Windows command line, use the systeminfo command to report system details including the system model.

Different methods are used to establish the machine hardware model on HP 9000 servers and HP Integrity servers.

  • For HP 9000 servers, the reported machine hardware model is the Model String component of the Stable Complex Configuration Data.

  • For HP Integrity servers, the machine hardware model is based on the Creator Manufacturer and Creator Product Name complex-wide settings.

    On OEM versions of cell-based HP Integrity servers, the OEM Manufacturer and OEM Product Name are the machine hardware model, if they are set.

See “Complex Profile” for details on the Model String and Creator complex-wide settings.

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