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nPartition Administrator's Guide > Chapter 6 Creating and Configuring nPartitions

Renaming a Server Complex


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You can rename a server complex by using any one of the following procedures:

You can assign a name for each server complex in order to better identify the complex as you work with it. The server complex name serves as a helpful identifier; changing the name does not affect the way in which commands and utilities interact with the complex.

Several commands and utilities display the server complex name as part of their output and interfaces. For example, some nPartition commands and Partition Manager list the complex name.

Each server complex name has up to 20 characters, which can include upper- and lowercase letters; numbers; and dashes, underscores, periods, and spaces ("-" "_" "." and " ").

The server complex name is stored as part of the Complex Profile for the server (part of its Stable Complex Configuration Data).

Procedure 6-13 Renaming a Server Complex (Service Processor)

From the service processor Command Menu, use the ID command to list and modify the server complex name.

  1. Login to the service processor (MP or GSP) and enter CM to access the Command Menu.

  2. At the Command Menu, issue the ID command to list the complex name.

    The ID command lists some of the Stable Complex Configuration Data for the current server, including the complex name.

    GSP:CM> ID This command allows you to change certain fields in the Stable complex configuration portion of the complex profile. Retrieving the stable complex configuration portion of the complex profile. GSP modifiable stable complex configuration data fields. Model String : 9000/800/SD64000 Complex System Name : feshd5 Complex Serial Number : USR2024FP1 Original Product Number: A5201A Current Product Number : A5201A Enterprise Id : Do you want to modify any of this information? (Y/[N])
  3. Specify whether you want to modify the complex profile, including its name.

    Only modify the "Complex System Name". Do not change the model string, serial number, or other details used by commands, utilities, and licensing tools.

    To cancel the changes at any time enter q to quit the ID command without modifying the complex profile.

  4. To exit the service processor Command Menu, enter MA to return to the service processor Main Menu.

    At the Main Menu, enter X to exit the service processor interface.

Procedure 6-14 Renaming a Server Complex (nPartition Commands)

From the command line, use the cplxmodify -N name command to rename a server complex. The cplxmodify command currently only is supported by the Enhanced nPartition Commands.

NOTE: You can remotely perform this task using remote administration options supported by the Enhanced nPartition Commands or Partition Manager Version 2.0. Remote administration is supported by the Partition Manager Tools->Switch Complexes action and by the nPartition command -u... -h... options or -g... -h... options.

For details see “Tools for Configuring nPartitions”.

  1. Login to a system with the nPartition commands installed.

    If using remote administration features to rename a complex, you can login to any system with Enhanced nPartition Commands installed.

  2. Issue the the cplxmodify -N name command to rename the local server complex.

    To list the current complex name, issue the parstatus -X command.

Procedure 6-15 Renaming a Server Complex (Partition Manager)

You can rename a server complex from Partition Manager by selecting the Complex->Set Complex Name action.

  1. Access Partition Manager.

    For details on accessing Partition Manager or other tools, see “Tools for Configuring nPartitions”.

  2. Select the Complex->Set Complex Name action.

    Enter the new name for the complex in the text box provided, which shows the current complex name. If no name was previously assigned, the default name is "MyComplex".

  3. Exit Partition Manager.

    From Partition Manager Version 1.0, select the File->Exit action.

    From Partition Manager Version 2.0, select Log off parmgr or exit the Web browser when finished.

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