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nPartition Administrator's Guide > Chapter 4 Using Management Interfaces and Tools

Virtual Front Panel (VFP) nPartition Views


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The Virtual Front Panel (VFP) provides ways to monitor the boot or run status of each cell in an nPartition and of the nPartition itself. The VFP provides the sort of information typically displayed on the LCD of a non-partitionable server.

The VFP presents a real-time display of activity on the selected nPartition(s) and it automatically updates when cell and nPartition status change.

To access the VFP feature, enter VFP from the service processor Main menu. To exit the VFP, type ^b (Control-b) to return to the Main menu.

When you access a Virtual Front Panel, you can either select the nPartition whose VFP you want to view or select the system VFP to view summary information for all nPartitions in the server complex.

E indicates error since last boot Partition 0 state Activity ------------------ -------- Cell(s) Booting: 710 Logs # Cell state Activity - ---------- -------- 0 Early CPU selftest Cell firmware test 232 Logs 1 Early CPU selftest Processor test 230 Logs 2 Memory discovery Physical memory test 242 Logs GSP:VFP (^B to Quit) >
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