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Index: F

face attribute, <font> tag: 10.5. The <font> Tag
family, font: 17.5.1. Type-Related Properties
Fetch utility: 4.4. Uploading Documents (FTP)
<fieldset> tag:15.1. Summary of Form Tags
file attribute
flastmod command: 18.6. SSI Commands
fsize command: 18.6. SSI Commands
include command: 18.6. SSI Commands
file size, graphics: 3.4.3. Be Aware of File Size
animated GIFs: 23.6. Optimizing Animated GIFs
Flash file format: 26.1.1. Advantages
GIFs: 19.8. Minimizing GIF File Sizes
JPEGs: 20.6. Minimizing JPEG File Size
PNGs: 21.8. PNG Optimization Strategies
Shockwave movies: 26.7.2. Disadvantages
thumbnails: Link to large images
File Transfer Protocol (see FTP)
absolute/relative pathnames: 4.2. Unix Directory Structures
file-selection form fields: 15.1. Summary of Form Tags File selection (type=file)
filename suffixes: 4.3. File Naming Conventions
4.5. File (MIME) Types
Flash: 26. Flash and Shockwave
links: 11.7.3. Other Links
MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) types: 4.5. File (MIME) Types
17.8.1. Style Sheet MIME Types
naming conventions: 4.3. File Naming Conventions
permissions for: 4.4.2. Setting Permissions
Shockwave: 26.7. Shockwave for Director
uploading via FTP: 4.4. Uploading Documents (FTP)
video file formats: 25.3. Video File Formats
virtual includes (example): 18.3.1. Example: Virtual Includes
financial transactions in XML: 30.5.2. Other XML Applications
Fireworks (Macromedia): 19.5. Tools Overview
23.4.1. Applications That Include GIF Animation Tools
Gamma Preview: Gamma
hybrid colors, creating: Fireworks
JPEG images, creating: 20.5. Creating JPEGs
palettes: 22.1.1. Tools with Built-in Web Palettes
22.2. Converting to the Web Palette
PNG graphics and: 21.7.1. Fireworks (2 and higher)
web colors and: Macromedia Fireworks
first-line/letter pseudo-elements: Pseudo-elements
fixed page design: 2.2.2. Fixed Design
columns: Fixed-width columns
fonts: Fixed-width font
.fla source file (Flash document): 26.3.1. File Formats
Flash (Macromedia): 24.5.8. Flash (.swf) and Shockwave (.dcr)
26. Flash and Shockwave
HTML, adding files to: 26.4.2. Adding Flash to an HTML Document
interface basics: 26.3.2. Flash Interface Basics
movies, creating: 26.3. Creating Flash Movies
optimizing: 26.3.3. Optimizing Flash Movies
printing: 5.5. Flash Printing
publish settings: 26.4.1. Using Flash Publish Settings
QuickTime and: 26.5.1. Flash and QuickTime
RealPlayer and: 26.5.2. Flash and RealPlayer
tools for: 26.2. Flash Power Tools
flastmod command (SSI): 18.6. SSI Commands
flat color: Design with flat color
flat graphical images: 22.3.1. Flat Graphical Images
flexible web page design: 2.2. Fixed Versus Flexible Web Page Design
float property (CSS): 17.5.2. Box Properties
17.8.3. Creating a Drop Cap
floating (inline) frames: 14.6. Inline (Floating) Frames
Navigator imitation of: 14.7.5. Faking an <iframe>
flow control commands (XSSI): 18.5.1. Flow Control Elements
font (CSS2 value): 17.7.6. New Values for Existing Properties
<font> tag: 3.2.3. Why Specifying Type Is Problematic
font-family property (CSS): 17.5.1. Type-Related Properties
font property (CSS): 17.5.1. Type-Related Properties
font-size property (CSS): 17.5.1. Type-Related Properties
font-style property (CSS): 17.5.1. Type-Related Properties
font-variant property (CSS): 17.5.1. Type-Related Properties
font-weight property (CSS): 17.5.1. Type-Related Properties
fonts (typography): Disadvantages
3.1.1. Designing for the Unknown
CSS2 descriptors for: 17.7.3. Font Descriptors
cursive joining behavior: 7.2.3. Cursive Joining Behavior
embedding: 3.2.4. Embedded Fonts
in graphics: 3.2.2. Text in Graphics
internationalization: 7.1. Character Sets
style sheet properties: 17.5.1. Type-Related Properties
tables and: 13.6.1. <font> and Tables
text size (see type size)
types, specifying: 3.2.3. Why Specifying Type Is Problematic
foot in tables: 13.1. Summary of Table Tags
for attribute: 15.1. Summary of Form Tags
foreground element color: 17.5.1. Type-Related Properties
<form> tag:15.1. Summary of Form Tags
formatter value: Other uses
FormMail script: 15.7.2. Using Available Scripts
forms: 15. Forms
15.7.2. Using Available Scripts
(see also CGI scripts)
accessibility issues: 6.1.3. The Techniques
appearance of: 15.6. Affecting the Appearance of Forms
elements of: 15.4. Form Elements
aligning: 15.6.2. Aligning Form Elements
sizing: 15.6. Affecting the Appearance of Forms
sending contents by email: 15.7.2. Using Available Scripts
tables and: 13.5.3. Form Elements in Tables
fragments, linking to: 11.3. Linking Within a Document
frame attribute: 13.1. Summary of Table Tags
frame delay (animation): 23.5.1. Frame Delay
frame differencing: 23.6.2. Optimizing Methods
frame rate (video): 25.1. Basic Digital Video Concepts
frame size (video): 25.1. Basic Digital Video Concepts
<frame> tag:14.1. Summary of Frame Tags
frameborder attribute
12.1. Summary of Object Placement Tags
14.1. Summary of Frame Tags
14.1. Summary of Frame Tags
14.1. Summary of Frame Tags
frames: Creating flexible pages
14. Frames
borders and spacing: 14.4.1. Frame Borders and Spacing
design tips and tricks: 14.7. Frame Design Tips and Tricks
frameset structure: 14.3. Basic Frameset Structure
hidden, for preloading images: 14.7.7. Preloading Images with Hidden Frames
inline (floating): 14.6. Inline (Floating) Frames
Navigator imitation of: 14.7.5. Faking an <iframe>
JavaScript, managing with: 28.3.3. Managing Frames
margins: First, a word about browser margins
14.4.4. Frame Margins
nesting: 14.3.3. Nesting Frames
preventing from loading pages into: 14.7.6. Frame-Proof Your Site
rows and columns: 14.3.2. Establishing Rows and Columns
scrolling: 14.4.2. Scrolling
size and disabling resize: 14.4.3. Disabling Resize
targeting: 14.5. Targeting Frames
multiple from one link: 14.7.4. Loading Two Frames from One Link
in WebTV: 14.7.8. Frames in WebTV
frames in Flash: 26.3.2. Flash Interface Basics
<frameset> tag:14.1. Summary of Frame Tags
framesets: 9.2. Setting Up an HTML Document
framespacing attribute (): 14.1. Summary of Frame Tags
Freehand (Macromedia): 22.1.1. Tools with Built-in Web Palettes
FrontPage (Microsoft): Some available web authoring tools
fsize command (SSI): 18.6. SSI Commands
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
links: 11.7.2. FTP Link (ftp://)
uploading documents: 4.4. Uploading Documents (FTP)
functions (JavaScript): 28.2.1. Functions
Furbo Filters's Web Scrubber: Web Scrubber plug-in filter (Furbo Filters)

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