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Index: L

label attribute: The label attribute The label attribute
<label> tags: 9.10.1. The <label> Tag
labeling form elements: 9.10.1. The <label> Tag
lang attribute: The lang attribute
language attribute (): The language and type attributes
computer, defining with metalanguages: 15.1. Languages and Metalanguages
pseudo-classes for: Nesting and language pseudo-classes
layers: 14.3. Layers
alignment: The left and top attributes The top and left attributes
tags: 14.3.1. The <layer> Tag
14.3.2. The <ilayer> Tag
visibility of: The visibility attribute
layout (see page layout)
left alignment (see alignment)
left attribute: The left and top attributes The top and left attributes
leftmargin attribute (): The leftmargin attribute
length (see size)
length property values: Length property values
< (less-than sign): Special text characters
less-than sign (<): Special text characters
<! tags: 16.3.7. Handling Special Characters
letter-spacing property: The letter-spacing property
line breaks: Divisions, paragraphs, and line breaks
4.7.1. The <br> Tag
4.7.5. The <pre> Tag
14.1.2. Mimicking the <spacer> Tag
allowing with: 4.7.3. The <wbr> Tag
nowrap attribute and: The nowrap attribute
suppressing with: 4.7.2. The <nobr> Tag
vertical: Creating vertical space
line-height property: The line-height property
line-through text style: 4.5.7. The <strike> Tag (Deprecated) The text-decoration property
link attribute (): The link, vlink, and alink attributes
<link> tag: The rel and rev attributes External, document-level, and inline JSS
web browser limitations: 8.1.6. Limitations of Current Browsers
linked external style sheets: Linked external style sheets The pros and cons of external styles
imported vs.: 8.1.5. Linked Versus Imported Style Sheets
links (see hyperlinks)
list-style-image property: The list-style-image property
list-style-position property: The list-style-position property
list-style property: The list-style property
list-style-type property: The list-style-type property
<listing> tags: 4.7.7. The <listing> Tag (Obsolete)
lists: 2.9.1. Unordered, Ordered, and Definition Lists
7. Formatted Lists
custom list item markers: 17.3. Custom Bullets
definition lists: 7.5. Definition Lists
directory lists: 7.7. Directory Lists
of hyperlinks: 6.4.1. Lists of Links
items of: 7.3.1. Changing the Style and Sequence of Individual List Items
list items: The display property
menu lists: 7.8. Menu Lists
nesting: 7.4. Nesting Lists
ordered (numbered): 7.4.2. Nested Ordered Lists
unordered (bulleted): 7.4.1. Nested Unordered Lists
ordered (numbered): 7.2. Ordered Lists
selection lists (forms): 9.8.1. The <select> Tag
style properties for: 8.4.7. List Properties
using effectively: Using list properties effectively
unordered (bulleted): 7.1. Unordered Lists
using appropriately: 7.6. Appropriate List Usage
loading delay (see performance)
longdesc attribute: The alt and longdesc attributes The title and longdesc attributes
loop attribute: The loop attribute The loop attribute The behavior, direction, and loop attributes
audio: The loop attribute
marquee text: The behavior, direction, and loop attributes
video: The loop attribute
lowsrc attribute (): The lowsrc attribute
Lynx (see text-only browsers)

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