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Index: A

abbr attribute ( and ): The abbr attribute
<abbr> tags: 4.4.1. The <abbr> Tag
above attribute (): The above, below, and z-index attributes
absbottom, absmiddle values: The align attribute The align attribute
(see also alignment)
absolute font size: The size attribute
absolute URLs: 2.7.1. URLs
6.2.11. Absolute and Relative URLs
base and relative URLs, combining to form: Relative schemes and servers
accept attribute (): File-selection controls
accept-charset attribute (): 9.2.3. The accept-charset Attribute
accesskey attribute: The accesskey and tabindex attributes
9.9.5. The accesskey Attribute The <legend> tag
<acronym> tags: 4.4.2. The <acronym> Tag
action attribute: The action attribute
9.2.1. The action Attribute
action buttons (forms): 9.5.4. Action Buttons
ActiveX technology: Writing applets
addresses: 4.9. Addresses
IP addresses: 1.2. Talking the Internet Talk The http server
XML DTD, defining for: 15.7.1. An XML Address DTD
adjacet selectors: 8.2.4. Universal, Child, and Adjacent Selectors
Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA): 1.1.1. In the Beginning
align attribute: 2.8.1. Inline Images
alignment: 9.11.5. Good Form, Old Chap
(see also align attribute; format; page layout)
tags: 4.7.6. The <center> Tag (Deprecated)
form elements: The <legend> tag
9.11.5. Good Form, Old Chap
frames: The align attribute
headings: The align attribute
horizontal rules: The align attribute
image buttons (forms): Custom image buttons
images: 2.8.1. Inline Images The align attribute Centering an image
layers: The left and top attributes The top and left attributes
sections: The align attribute
table captions: The align and valign attributes
table cell contents: The valign and nowrap attributes The align and valign attributes
table rows: The align and valign attributes
tables: The align attribute (deprecated)
text: The text-align property The vertical-align property
in marquees: The align attribute
paragraphs: The align attribute
whitespace blocks: Creating blocks of space
alink attribute (): The link, vlink, and alink attributes
all value (style media): The media attribute
alt attribute: The alt and longdesc attributes The alt attribute The alt attribute
alternate value (marquee behavior): The behavior, direction, and loop attributes
& (ampersand)
entities: Special text characters
3.5.2. Character Entities
12.3.5. JavaScript Entities
in URLs: Passing parameters explicitly
XHTML, handling in: 16.3.7. Handling Special Characters
ampersand (&)
entities: Special text characters
3.5.2. Character Entities
12.3.5. JavaScript Entities
in URLs: Passing parameters explicitly
in XHTML: 16.3.7. Handling Special Characters
anchors: 2.7.2. Anchors
6.1. Hypertext Basics
(see also tags; hyperlinks)
frame-by-frame (GIF): Interlacing, transparency, and animation
of text: 5.5. Animated Text
annotated lists (see definition lists)
anonymous FTP: The ftp user and password
appearance of text (see text)
<applet> tags: 12.2.3. The <applet> Tag (Deprecated)
12.3.6. The <server> Tag
applets: 1.2.2. The Flow of Information
2.7.4. Anchors Beyond
12.1. Applets and Objects
application/x-www-form-urlencoded encoding: 9.2.2. The enctype Attribute
archive attribute: The archive attribute The archive attribute
<area> tag: 6.5.4. The <area> Tag
ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency): 1.1.1. In the Beginning
articles (newsgroups), identifiers for: The nntp newsgroup and article
ASCII text file format, saving HTML/XHTML documents in: 2.1. Writing Tools
@import command: Imported external style sheets
@media command: 8.1.4. Media-Specific Styles
for tag: 3.8.1. The <body> Tag
HTML tags: 3.3.1. The Syntax of a Tag
images, enabling JavaScript manipulation: The name, onAbort, onError, onLoad and other event attributes
case sensitivity in: 16.3.4. Case Sensitivity
quoted values: 16.3.5. Quoted Attribute Values
vales for value-less HTML attributes: 16.3.6. Explicit Attribute Values
XML: 15.5. Element Attributes
declaring in DTD: 15.3. Understanding XML DTDs
required and default: 15.5.2. Required and Default Attributes
values for: 15.5.1. Attribute Values
audience, designing for: 17.1.1. Design for Your Audience
audio: 5.4. Background Audio
5.4. Background Audio
5.6.2. Referencing Audio, Video, and Images
tag: 5.4.1. The <bgsound> Tag
client-pull feature for: 13.2.3. Pulling Non-HTML Content
aural value (style media): The media attribute
authoring (see writing HTML documents)
authoring tools for XHTML pages: 16.4.5. Man Versus Machine
automation, document: 6.8. Supporting Document Automation
AVI movies: 5.2.7. Video Extensions
5.2.7. Video Extensions
(see also video)
axis attribute ( and ): The axis attribute

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