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Index: M

mailto URLs: 6.2.8. The mailto URL
9.2.2. The enctype Attribute
defining mail header fields: Defining mail header fields
form data via: 9.4. Using Email to Collect Form Data
<map*gt; tags: 2.8.2. Image Maps
margin-bottom property: The margin properties
margin collapsing: The CSS2 formatting model
margin-left property: The margin properties
margin-right property: The margin properties
margin-top property: The margin properties
marginheight attribute (): The marginheight and marginwidth attributes
margins: The leftmargin attribute
(see also borders; whitespace)
body content: The leftmargin attribute
around CSS boxes: The CSS2 formatting model
frames: The marginheight and marginwidth attributes
images: The hspace and vspace attributes
marquee areas: The hspace and vspace attributes
style properties for: The margin properties
around table cells: The cellspacing attribute
marginwidth attribute (): The marginheight and marginwidth attributes
markup metalanguage, XML as: 15.1. Languages and Metalanguages
<marquee> tags: 5.5.1. The <marquee> Tag
masked text entry fields: Masked text controls
maxlength attribute: Conventional text fields File-selection controls
mayscript attribute (): The mayscript attribute
media attribute (): The media attribute
@media command: 8.1.4. Media-Specific Styles
menu lists: 7.8. Menu Lists
<menu> tags: 7.8.1. The <menu> Tag (Deprecated)
message IDs, news servers: Accessing single messages
<meta> tags: 13.2.1. Uniquely Refreshing
metalanguages, defining computer languages with: 15.1. Languages and Metalanguages
method attribute (): 9.2.4. The method Attribute
Microsoft Internet Explorer (see Internet Explorer)
middle value: 2.8.1. Inline Images The align attribute The align attribute
(see also alignment)
MIME types: 5.6.2. Referencing Audio, Video, and Images The type attribute
application/x-www-form-urlencoded: 9.2.2. The enctype Attribute
file-selection controls and: File-selection controls
multipart/form-data: 9.2.2. The enctype Attribute
multipart/mixed: 13.3.1. The Multipart/Mixed Media Type
multipart/x-mixed-replace: 13.3.2. Multipart Mixed-Replace Media Type
text/css: The type attribute
text/plain: The text/plain encoding
missing HTML tags: 3.3.6. Omitting Tags
monitor, form contents and: 9.11.2. Handling Limited Displays
monospaced text
tags: 4.4.4. The <code> Tag
4.4.7. The <kbd> Tag
4.4.10. The <var> Tag
4.5.10. The <tt> Tag
4.7.9. The <plaintext> Tag (Obsolete)
Mosaic browser: 1.1.2. HTML and the World Wide Web
mouse-related events: The mouse-related events
pseudo-classes for: Interaction pseudo-classes
mouse-sensitive images (see clickable image maps)
movies (see animation video)
MSIE (see Internet Explorer)
<multicol> tags: 14.2.1. The <multicol> Tag
multicolumn layout (see columns)
multiline text entry areas: 9.7. Multiline Text Areas
multimedia: 2.5.3. Multimedia
5.6. Other Multimedia Content
audio: 5.4. Background Audio
browser handling of: 2.7.4. Anchors Beyond
client-pull feature for: 13.2.3. Pulling Non-HTML Content
common file formats: The src attribute
GIF animation: Interlacing, transparency, and animation
images (see images)
text animation: 5.5. Animated Text
video, extensions for: 5.2.7. Video Extensions
multipart/form-data encoding: 9.2.2. The enctype Attribute
multipart/mixed encoding: 13.3.1. The Multipart/Mixed Media Type
multipart/x-mixed-replace encoding: 13.3.2. Multipart Mixed-Replace Media Type
multiple attribute (): The multiple attribute
multiple-choice elements (forms): 9.8. Multiple Choice Elements

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