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Index: I

<i> tags: Physical styles
id attribute: 4.1. Divisions and Paragraphs
identifiers (IDs)
articles in newsgroups: The nntp newsgroup and article
messages on news servers: Accessing single messages
IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force): The Internet Engineering Task Force
ignored HTML tags: 3.3.7. Ignored or Redundant Tags
images: 2.8. Images Are Special
2.8. Images Are Special
5.2. Inserting Images in Your Documents
5.6.2. Referencing Audio, Video, and Images
alignment: The align attribute Centering an image
background: The background attribute Mixing and matching body attributes The background-attachment property
behind specific elements: The background-image property
layers: The background and bgcolor attributes
placement of: The background-position property
in tables: The bgcolor and background attributes The bgcolor and background attributes
tiling whole background: The background-repeat property
troubleshooting: Problems with background images
borders: The border attribute The href attribute
clickable image maps: 2.8.2. Image Maps The ismap and usemap attributes
6.5. Mouse-Sensitive Images
tag: 2.8.2. Image Maps The ismap and usemap attributes
6.5.4. The <area> Tag
tags: 2.8.2. Image Maps The ismap and usemap attributes
6.5.3. The <map> Tag
web browsers and: 6.5.6. Handling Other Browsers
combining attributes for: Combining <img> attributes
custom image buttons (forms): Custom image buttons
download performance: 5.2.2. When to Use Images
fixing against scrolling: The bgproperties attribute The background-attachment property
flowing text around: The clear attribute
graphics formats: 5.2.1. Understanding Image Formats
5.2.5. JPEG or GIF?
in headings: 4.2.6. Adding Images to Headings
hyperlinks and: 6.4.4. Using Images and Links
as list item signifiers: The list-style-image property
margins around: The hspace and vspace attributes
rules (see rules under horizontal)
size: The height and width attributes
text flow around: The clear attribute
text in place of: The alt and longdesc attributes
transparent (see transparency)
true color images: 17.5.1. Colors, Maps, and Indexes
when to use: 5.2.2. When to Use Images
wrapping text around: Wrapping text around images
implicit label associations (forms): Implicit and explicit associations
@import command: Imported external style sheets
imported external style sheets: Imported external style sheets The pros and cons of external styles
linked vs.: 8.1.5. Linked Versus Imported Style Sheets
inclusions: 12.1.1. The Object Model
indentation: 3.1. Appearances Can Deceive
abusing for: Formatting text with <dt>
block quotes: 4.8. Block Quotes
nested unorderded lists, using for: 7.1.1. The <ul> Tag
paragraphs, with: Creating horizontal space
text-indent property for: The text-indent property
index document relationship: The rel and rev attributes
infinite value (marquee looping): The behavior, direction, and loop attributes
inherit value (layer visibility): The visibility attribute
inheritance, styles and: 8.3.6. Class Inheritance
8.4.2. Property Inheritance
frames: 11.6. Inline Frames
images: 2.8.1. Inline Images
items: The display property
layers: 14.3.2. The <ilayer> Tag
references: 6.4.2. Inline References
styles: 8.1.1. Inline Styles: The style Attribute External, document-level, and inline JSS
advantages and disadvantages of using: The pros and cons of inline styles
<input> tags: 9.5. The <input> Tag
inset borders: The border-style property
interation pseudo-classes: Interaction pseudo-classes
interlacing: Interlacing, transparency, and animation
dir and lang attributes: The dir and lang attributes
dir attribute, overriding with: 3.10. The <bdo> Tag
Internet: 1.1. The Internet, Intranets,and Extranets
connecting to: Internet connection
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF): The Internet Engineering Task Force
Internet Explorer: 5.2.7. Video Extensions
Active technology and: Writing applets
obtaining: Browser software
intranets: 1.1. The Internet, Intranets,and Extranets
IP (Internet Protocol): 1.2. Talking the Internet Talk
addresses: The http server
<isindex> tag: 6.6.1. The <isindex> Tag (Deprecated)
ismap attribute (): 2.8.2. Image Maps The ismap and usemap attributes
6.5.1. Server-Side Image Maps
italic: 4.5.4. The <i> Tag
4.5.4. The <i> Tag The font-style property

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