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Index: F

face attribute: 4.6.2. The <basefont> Tag (Deprecated) The face attribute
fade-in effect: 1.6.3. Beyond Extensions: Exploiting Bugs
family, font: The font-family property
favorite_font_size() function: JSS values
file-selection controls (forms): File-selection controls
file server: The file server
File Transfer Protocol (see FTP)
file URLs: 6.2.5. The file URL
HTML (see HTML documents)
listing in directory lists: 7.7.1. The <dir> Tag (Deprecated)
fixed value (background image position): The bgproperties attribute
flashing text: 4.5.3. The <blink> Tag The text-decoration property
float property: The float property
floating elements, rules for margin collapsing: The CSS2 formatting model
flood-filling images: Resizing and flood-filling images
flowing around images: The clear attribute
flowing text (see wrapping text)
focus pseudo-class: Interaction pseudo-classes
font-family property: The font-family property
font property: The font property
font-size property: The font-size property
font-style property: The font-style property
<font> tags: 8.4.3. Font Properties
font-variant property: The font-variant property
font-weight property: The font-weight property
tags: 4.6.2. The <basefont> Tag (Deprecated)
color (see colors)
font size (see text size)
heading tags to change: 4.2.4. Allowed Heading Content
HTML tags for: 4.6. HTML's Expanded Font Handling
JavaScript Style Sheet (JSS), size of: JSS values
style properties for: 8.4.3. Font Properties
rules with: 5.1.3. Using Rules in Headers and Footers
table: 10.3.3. The <tfoot> Tag
for attribute (): Implicit and explicit associations
foreground colors: The color property
format: 9.11.5. Good Form, Old Chap
(see also page layout)
alignment (see alignment)
encoding (see content types)
graphics formats: 5.2.1. Understanding Image Formats
5.2.5. JPEG or GIF?
HTML documents (see page layout styles)
indentation (see indentation whitespace)
list items: 7.3.1. Changing the Style and Sequence of Individual List Items
multimedia file formats: The src attribute
paragraph rendering: Paragraph rendering
preformatted text (see preformatted text)
styles (see styles)
forms: 2.9.3. Forms
9. Forms
tags: 9.6. The <button> Tag
example of: 9.3. A Simple Form Example
improving layout of: 17.4.3. Better Forms Layout
input controls: 9.5. The <input> Tag
action buttons: 9.5.4. Action Buttons
checkboxes: 9.5.2. Checkboxes
common attributes for: 9.9. General Form Control Attributes
hidden fields: 9.5.5. Hidden Fields
labeling and grouping: 9.10. Labeling and Grouping Form Elements
multiline text entry areas: 9.7. Multiline Text Areas
multiple-choice elements: 9.8. Multiple Choice Elements
radio buttons: 9.5.3. Radio Buttons
text fields: 9.5.1. Text Fields in Forms
layout of: 9.11.5. Good Form, Old Chap
mailto URL with: 9.4. Using Email to Collect Form Data
with nested tables: Building forms with nested tables
programming: 9.12. Forms Programming
parameters in URLs: Passing parameters explicitly
writing effectively: 9.11. Creating Effective Forms
FQDNs: 1.2. Talking the Internet Talk
fragment identifiers: The http document fragment
6.3.3. Linking Within a Document
tags as: The name and id attributes
frame attribute (): The frame and rules attributes
frame-by-frame animation: Interlacing, transparency, and animation
<frame> tags: 2.11. Frames
frameborder attribute: Controlling frame borders and spacing The frameborder and bordercolor attributes
frames: 2.11. Frames
11. Frames
alignment: The align attribute
borders: Controlling frame borders and spacing
contents of: 11.4. Frame Contents
<frameset> tags: 2.11. Frames
3.6.1. The <html> Tag
3.8.2. Frames
11.3.1. The <frameset> Tag
as hyperlink targets: The target attribute The target attribute
9.2.5. The target Attribute
11.7. Named Frame or Window Targets
image maps and: The target attribute
inline frames: 11.6. Inline Frames
layout: 11.3. Frame Layout
margins and borders: The marginheight and marginwidth attributes
tags: 11.5. The <noframes> Tag
scrolling: The scrolling attribute
framesets: 11.2. Frame Tags
framespacing attribute (): Controlling frame borders and spacing
FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
ftp URLs: 6.2.4. The ftp URL
obtaining browsers via: Browser software
fully qualified domain names: 1.2. Talking the Internet Talk

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