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Index: D

dashed borders: The border-style property
data attribute (): The data attribute
data, exchanging with XML
connecting systems: 15.8.3. Connecting Systems
document exchange: 15.8.2. Document Exchange
datetime attribute ( and ): The datetime attribute
<dd> tag: 7.5.3. The <dd> Tag
declare attribute (): The declare attribute
declaring XML entities and elements (see DTD for XML)
defer attribute (): The defer attribute
definition lists: 2.9.1. Unordered, Ordered, and Definition Lists
7.5. Definition Lists
custom list item markers: 17.3. Custom Bullets
using appropriately: 7.6. Appropriate List Usage
document refresh: 13.2.2. The Refresh Header Contents
loading (see performance)
marquee movement: The scrollamount and scrolldelay attributes
designing in HTML (see writing HTML documents)
<dfn> tags: Content-based text styles
4.4.5. The <dfn> Tag
dir attribute: The dir attribute
direction attribute (): The behavior, direction, and loop attributes
directory lists: 7.7. Directory Lists
disabled attribute (form controls): 9.9.6. The disabled and readonly Attributes
disc bullets: The type attribute
display property: The display property
displaying XML documents: 15.1.1. Creation Versus Display
displays, form contents and: 9.11.2. Handling Limited Displays
<div*gt; tags: Divisions, paragraphs, and line breaks
document automation: 6.8. Supporting Document Automation
document-level styles: 8.1.2. Document-Level Style Sheets External, document-level, and inline JSS
advantages and disadvantages of using: The pros and cons of document-level styles
document pathnames: The http path
document-related events: Document events
for form elements: 9.11.1. Browser Constraints
tags for: 6.8.1. The <meta> Header Element
embedding: 5.6.1. Embedded Versus Referenced Content
5.6.4. Embedding Other Document Types
exchanging with XML applications: 15.8.2. Document Exchange
HTML (see HTML documents)
as layers: The src attribute
XHTML (see XHTML documents)
domains: 1.2. Talking the Internet Talk
2.7.1. URLs
dotted borders: The border-style property
double quotation marks ("), XHTML attribute values: 16.3.5. Quoted Attribute Values
downloading delay (see performance)
downloading images (see images)
<dt> tags: 7.5.2. The <dt> Tag
DTD for HTML: 3.6. HTML Document Elements
creating: 16.2.2. Understanding Namespaces
declaring: 16.2.1. Declaring Document Types
DTD for XML: 15.2. Documents and DTDs
16.1.1. XHTML Document Type Definitions
comments: 15.3. Understanding XML DTDs
syntax for: 15.3.1. Comments
conditional sections: 15.6. Conditional Sections
creating (example): 15.7. Building an XML DTD
elements: 15.3. Understanding XML DTDs
declaration of: 15.3.4. Elements
grammar of: 15.4. Element Grammar
entities: 15.3. Understanding XML DTDs
15.3.2. Entities
declaration of: 15.3.3. Entity Declarations
dynamic documents: 13. Dynamic Documents
client-pull: 13.2. Client-Pull Documents
server-push: 13.3. Server -Push Documents
dynsrc attribute (): The dynsrc attribute

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