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Index: B

background attachment: 6.2.5. Getting Attached
background-attachment property: 6.2.5. Getting Attached
background-color property: 6.1.2. Background Color
inheritance and: 6.1.2. Background Color
background-image property: 6.2.1. Background Images
background-position property: 6.2.3. Background Positioning
background property: 6.2.6. Bringing It All Together
background-repeat property: 6.2.2. Repeats with Direction
backgrounds: 6. Colors and Backgrounds
colors: 6.1.2. Background Color
importance of declaring foreground color with: 6.1.4. Good Practices
complex: 6.2. Complex Backgrounds
floated elements and: Backgrounds and floats
images as: 6.2. Complex Backgrounds
specifying with background color: Good background practices
Netscape Navigator 4.x, correcting placement: 11.2.5. Getting Full Content Backgrounds in Navigator
padding and: 7.2. Margins or Padding?
perfect alignment of: Interesting effects
positioning: 6.2.3. Background Positioning
scrolling vs. fixed: 6.2.5. Getting Attached
backward accessibility: 1.4.4. Actual Styles
baseline alignment: Baseline alignment
\:before pseudo-element: Miscellaneous pseudo-elements and pseudo-classes
generated content: 10.4. Generated Content
blank space around elements (see margins)
blinking text: 4.1.6. Text Decoration
block-level elements: 2.9. Classification of Elements
8.2. Block-Level Elements
auto value: Using auto
collapsing vertical margins: Collapsing vertical margins
floated elements and: 8.3. Floated Elements
height: Height
horizontal formatting: 8.2.2. Horizontal Formatting
horizontal properties: Horizontal properties
list items: 8.2.3. List Items
margins and, caution with: 7.3.6. Negative Margin Values
negative margins: Negative margins
replaced: 8.2.4. Block-Level Replaced Elements
vertical formatting: 8.2.1. Vertical Formatting
BODY attributes: 2.4.1. Pseudo-Class Selectors
replacing with color property: BODY attributes
bold text: 5.2.2. Getting Bolder
preserving with Netscape Navigator 4.x: 11.2.7. Preserving Boldness
setting color: 6.1.1. Foreground Colors
border-bottom property: 7.4.4. Shorthand Border Properties
border-bottom-width property: 7.4.2. Border Widths
border-color property: Affecting borders
7.4.3. Border Colors
border-left property: 7.4.4. Shorthand Border Properties
border-left-width property: 7.4.2. Border Widths
border property: Setting borders as quickly as possible
border-right property: 7.4.4. Shorthand Border Properties
border-right-width property: 7.4.2. Border Widths
border-style property[border style property: 7.4.1. Borders with Style
border-top property: 7.4.4. Shorthand Border Properties
border-top-width property: 7.4.2. Border Widths
border-width property: 7.4.2. Border Widths
borders: 7.4. Borders
color: 7.4.3. Border Colors
replication: 7.4.3. Border Colors
setting: Affecting borders
inline elements and: 7.4.5. Borders and Inline Elements
multiple styles: Multiple styles
new properties with CSS2: 10.6. Borders
width: 7.4.2. Border Widths
for individual sides: 7.4.2. Border Widths
keywords for: 7.4.2. Border Widths
none, setting to: No border at all
replication: 7.4.2. Border Widths
bottom property: 9.1.2. Side Offsets
box properties: 7.4.5. Borders and Inline Elements
7.4.6. Borders: Known Issues
adding to
inline elements: Adding box properties
inline replaced elements: Adding box properties
appearance and: 10.5. Adapting to the Environment
background images and: 6.2.1. Background Images
background property and: 6.2.6. Bringing It All Together
backward accessibility for: 1.4.4. Actual Styles
cursor shape: 10.5.1. Cursors
environment and: 10.5. Adapting to the Environment
important rules and: 2.7.2. Importance
inheritance and: 2.6.1. Limitations of Inheritance
negative background positions and: Length values
negative margins, support for: 7.3.6. Negative Margin Values
negative padding and: 7.5. Padding
points/pixels, treatment of: 5.3.5. Using Length Units
speech-synthesis: 1.1.1. What a Mess
1.1.1. What a Mess
10.8.2. The Spoken Word
text justification and: Aligning text
underlining, turning off in: Weird decorations
whitespace, handling in: Handling whitespace
bullets: 7.7. Lists
8.2.3. List Items
fallback for: 7.7.2. List Item Images
images used as: 7.7.2. List Item Images
position of: 7.7.3. List Item Positions

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