Squid Users Guide - 28th September 1997 _ _ _

About this Guide
The origin site for this guide is http://cache.is.co.za/squid/
You can download all of the web pages in tar.gz format here
The Basics
What is squid?
Concepts behind internet caching
What systems does Squid run on?
Getting Squid Running
Precompiled versions of squid
Before you start compiling
Getting the source
Compiling squid
Initial Configuration (Getting it working)
Directory structure
Basic configuration
Running squid
Basic client software configuration
More Configuration Details
Access controls
Advanced client configuration
Cache accelerator mode
Cache Hierarchies
Integration with other software
Additional Software and misc
Log analysis and stats
Preloading pages
Bottlenecks and performance issues
Malloc problems and memory usage
System software you can use to analyze squid
More Information
Squid's home page and related info
Credits/List of Heros
Credits and wonderful people who contributed to this document

The Squid Users guide is copyright Oskar Pearson oskar@is.co.za

If you like the layout (I do), I can only thank William Mee and hope he forgives me for stealing it