Getting Squid Running _ _ _

Compiling Squid
These are generic instructions for compiling Squid. You have to do other things to get Squid compiled on your system. Normally you run a configuration script that figures out all your system settings and the header files on your machine. So, after uncompressing and untarring the file as described in the previous section, cd to /usr/local/squid/src/squid-version/ and type


This assumes that you are going to install Squid to /usr/local/squid. You can change your install directory so:

./configure --prefix=/some/other/directory.

You should then probably type

make and then

make install if everything goes right with the compilation. This will make the directories described in the next section and install the binary files into them.

The Squid Users guide is copyright Oskar Pearson

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