Initial Configuration (Getting it working) _ _ _

Basic configuration
All of the squid config goes in one file - squid.conf. This section details configuration of squid as a caching proxy only, not as a http-accelerator. For more info on that, look here.

You can download a very basic config file here

This config will allow ALL people access to the cache, create a 100M cache area, use 8M of ram, keep minimal logs, and store all files in the default places, which are normally "/usr/local/squid/cache" where all files will be stored as user squid, group squid. All client requests will come in on port 3128, and all "inter-cache" traffic will go to UDP port 3130 Note that this config file allows all people access to your cache machine. This is probably not what you want, but at least it should be working.

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