Getting Squid Running _ _ _

Precompiled versions of squid
I can't guarantee that you will find any precompiled versions of squid. There are a few precompiled versions at though they may not be the latest versions.

There should be a solaris version here

Squid is normally fairly easy to compile, since it generally "self configures" itself. The only real problem is if you don't have a compiler on your machine. This can happen if you have bought a commercial OS that doesn't include the development option as standard. You might think of installing the GNU compiler in these cases, if you have the needed files in /usr/include. Your only other option may be to ask people to take pity on you in one of the mailing lists (see the The mailing list and related pages page for details as to which will be the correct place to ask) You might also want to look at the "tracker database" to find someone that is running squid near you. They might be more likely to help you, assuming they have the appropriate hardware.

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