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Cache accelerator mode
Accelerator mode is a different operating style where instead of acting as a proxy, Squid acts as an origin web server. Instead of serving up fixed (static) documents, though, it fetches documents from one or more origin servers. It is called an accelerator since it can serve up documents faster than classic httpd servers, which keep all pages on disk and tend to do more computation per request.

Why run an accelerator?

These are some reasons why you might want to run a web accelerator using Squid:

Configuring Squid as an Accelerator

To make Squid run in accelerator mode, set the http_port value to the port number you want it to listen to. This is usually the HTTP port, 80. Note that Squid must initially run as root to be able to bind to port 80.

The next step is to select the origin server you want to accelerate. You can make Squid choose one of three methods of operation: