Credits/List of Heros _ _ _

Credits and wonderful people who contributed to this document
Oh no - I have forgotten you, I know I Have! Please let me know instead of being angry!

This document wouldn't have gotten anywhere without help with some people... here they are - thanks to them!

Duane Wessels - For the whole squid project!

Now in Alphabetical order:
Julian Anderson - The Performance page
Kezia Crawford-Cousins
Kevin Fink - a special thanks for all sorts of typographic changes, and for pointing out that I was being a bit of an idiot with the ACL rule page. Thomas McWalter
William Mee
Miguel a.l. Paraz - the Cache Accelerator page
Andras Salamon
Mark Visser - The Stats page
My family and friends - For leaving me alone those weekends that I wanted to work on this...

Inverse thanks

Not a bad thing though - the job would have been done faster without them though :)

My Job
Robert Silverberg - for giving me too much to read
Richard Stephens - see Silverberg :)
Linus Torvalds - for allowing me to play with linux

The Squid Users guide is copyright Oskar Pearson

If you like the layout (I do), I can only thank William Mee and hope he forgives me for stealing it