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Integration with other software
You can configure squid to talk to various other software including Harvest, the Microsoft proxy server, Netcache, Netscape proxy server, Novell Bordermanager and others. You can configure squid to run as one of the following:

Getting other software to talk to your Squid cache as a parent

Almost all software (other than the Microsoft proxy server) can talk to a parent cache. To Squid it simply looks as if the client cache is just a very busy browser, though in cases where the client caches are ICP compliant it will list them in the cache manager as having sent it ICP queries. The only thing that you have to configure in the Squid config file is allow it to send you ICP and HTTP queries by adding the appropriate lines as in this example (here we assume that the cache is on a different netblock to the majority of your clients): acl ourallowedhosts src acl allowedcache src acl all src http_access allow ourallowedhosts http_access allow allowedcache http_access deny all icp_access allow allowedcache icp_access deny deniedcache If the client cache talks ICP the icp_access line allows your cache to respond to queries from the machine, and then to also answer http queries that it may send (due to the http_access line. This config would also allow the client cache to set you as a sibling.

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