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Squid's home page and related info

Web/FTP Pages:
The RFC Index
The World Wide Web Organisation

Mailing Lists:

Squid is mainly maintained by Duane Wessels, (, with the help of some people who are probably on, though all general queries should be sent to

Here are some things to remember when mailing to any mailing list:

Be friendly.
Include as much information as possible (OS version, squid version, the error or exact details of what you want to do)
Check the FAQ to see if it's been asked before.
Since so many of the squid users are not english, it might be worth getting someone else to check the grammar of the proposed message, as you might not be putting your point clearly enough, which will simply waste time while you battle.

The Squid Users guide is copyright Oskar Pearson

If you like the layout (I do), I can only thank William Mee and hope he forgives me for stealing it