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Preloading pages
I find that preloading pages generally isn't a good idea - it generally sucks down more bandwidth than it saves, though it quite possibly has it's uses. Some of the uses that it does have is in cases where pages are VERY popular (the recent Mars landing springs to mind) or you have sufficient bandwidth after hours to pull all those pages down, but your daytime bandwidth isn't coping. Note that some web-admins get irritated if you download hundreds of Megs every day from their servers, just in case it gets used. If you have a small disk on your cache, downloading the whole of will probably completely fill it, and since only a small amount of the pages on their site a really used it effectively means that you are purging the contents of your cache every night, which is a very bad idea.
Software to do the download:

I would suggest using 'wget', which is available from your nearest gnu-mirror, or at since it you won't have to modify it to do the download. You can simply use the --delete-after option and set the appropriate environment variables to get it to use your cache server:

#!/bin/tcsh setenv http_proxy setenv ftp_proxy #DON'T RUN THIS AS ROOT! cd /tmp/junk-url/ rm -rf * wget -r -nd --delete-after
The above should do what you want. Note that the ftp_proxy is so that you can download the contents of a well-used ftp site. The wget options are from the wget info file which comes with the wget tar file. You should probably check out the available options and decide if you want to add other options.

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