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HP Integrity Virtual Machines Version 4.0 Release Notes


Technical documentation

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HP Part Number: T2767-90179

Published: October 2008, Edition 8.2

Table of Contents

About This Document
Intended Audience
New and Changed Information in This Edition
Typographic Conventions
Document Organization
Related Information
Publishing History
HP Encourages Your Comments
1 Introduction
New Features and Enhancements in This Version of Integrity VM
Sizing Guidelines
Using Linux Guests
Support of Red Hat 4 Update 6 Guests on Integrity VM V4.0
SUSE Linux Cloned Guests Boot-Disk Boot Problems
TC INIT Dump Messages Fail to Appear in SUSE Linux Guest Consoles Running Multi CPUs
Creating Virtual Machine Administrator and Operator Accounts
Integrity VM Command Changes
Guest Management Software
Using Network Time Protocol (NTP) in Integrity VM Environments
Support Policy Tables Revised
2 Installation Notes
Installing Integrity VM
Installing Integrity VM V4.0 As Independent Product Fails
HPVMNETINTVL No Longer Necessary
Integrity VM Includes the Base Operating Environment
Upgrade HP WBEM Services
Installing the Migration Tools Including hpvmmigrate and Physical-to-Virtual Assist Tools
Installing VMProvider
Limitations When using Integrity VM Manager with Integrity VM V4.0
VxVM Device Path Not Valid Error on HP-UX 0803 Guest
HP-UX Patches Required in the VM Host
Patches Required in the HP-UX Guest
Patches Required for Ignite/UX Servers
Patches Required for Windows Guests
Patches Required for Red Hat Linux Guests
Patches Required for SUSE Enterprise Linux Guests
Installing the HP Integrity Virtual Machines Product Over the Evaluation Software
Do Not Install Applications on the VM Host System
Do Not Install Integrity VM on a Virtual Partition
Do Not Install Windows as Alternate Boot on a VM Host System
Trunking Software
Warning During Startup is HP SIM if Installed
3 Creating Virtual Machines
Default Guest Settings for HP-UX, Windows, and Linux
Do Not Run hpvmstart in Background When Starting Multiple Guests With Resource Conflicts
Autoboot Causes Virtual Machines to Start
No Swap Space Required for Guest Allocation
Do Not Create Golden Images of the VM Host for Guest Installation
Golden Images of Systems with HPVM-Guest Installed Must have HPVM Device Drivers Configured
Numbers Reported by Glance 4.6 or above Running on VM Host Might be Incorrect
Interleaved Memory on Cellular Hosts
Increasing Guest Default SCSI Queue Depths for MPT Virtual Devices can Lead to I/O Failures
Small Memory HP-UX 11i v3 Guest Might Fail to Configure One or More Virtual Interface Cards
4 Installing Guests
Windows Guests
Removing Media During Installation Hangs Guest
Network Driver for Some Windows Guests Not Behaving Correctly
Virtual DVD Misconfiguration can Lead to Windows Slow Down
HP Insight Manager Automatic Server Recovery Does Not Work
Running Windows Guests on a Dual Core Intel Itanium Processor (Montecito) System
Installing Windows with Virtual NullDVD is Not Recommended
Enabling MP Services on Windows Guest Logs telnetd Errors
Using Windows Firewall Requires ICMP to Allow Echo
Poor Console Screen Formatting
The hpvmstop Command Does Not Shut Down Windows Guests Gracefully
Do Not Delete EFI Shell Boot Option
Bug Check 0xA: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL — 12
Restoring the NVRAM for Windows Guests
HP-UX Guests
Installing the Guest Management Software
HP-UX 11i v3 Guests Might Fail to Configure Interface Cards Due to Lack of Memory Resources
Patches for HP-UX 11i v3 Guests
Do Not Run Live Kernel Debuggers Inside a Guest
Do Not Use the iomap(7) Mechanism on HP-UX Guests
iCAP Commands Fail on HP-UX Guests
Linux Guests
SLES10 SP1 Guests Supported on Integrity Servers
Before Installing the SUSE Linux Guest
Installing Linux Guest Management Software for the First Time
ACPI Warnings, Errors, and Exceptions Displayed when SUSE Guest Booted
HP SIM CMS Cannot Connect to SLES10 over SSH
Preparing Linux Guests for VM Manager
Linux Guests with FC Tapes Display Errors
Disable IPv6 on Linux Guests
Infrequent “Ooops: timer ticks before it is due” Errors
Infrequent “e1000: eth1: e1000_clean_tx_irq: Detected Tx Unit Hang” Errors
Inconsistent “Bogomips” Values between Virtual CPU0 and Other Virtual CPUs
Incorrect Display of Special Characters when Displayed Using HP-UX Terminal
Occasional Floating-Point Assist Fault Messages.
Serviceguard in VM Host Configuration
5 Using Integrity VM Commands
Two New Attributes for the hpvmdevmgmt Command
Running the hpvmdevtranslate Script
The hpvmdevtranslate Command Can be Used to Translate Devices Like SecurePath and AutoPath
Error Comments from hpvmdevtranslate Command
Accidental Use of -R Option with hpvmmodify Instead of -r
Inspect and Edit the Repair Script
Changing Guest LAN from AVIO to VIO
Run hpvmdevmgmt -I When Adding Devices to a Host
The hpvmmodify Command Reevaluates Guest Configurations
The hpvmdevmgmt Command Truncates File Sizes
Setting Devices to Sharable Can Lead to Device Conflicts
Errors on Displaying Guest or Vswitch Information While that Information is Being Modified
Do Not Attempt to Remove Busy Virtual Devices
Missing uuid or .vmid Files
Maintain Minimum Entitlement
Guest Memory Must Be a Multiple of 64 MB
Actual Running Entitlement Might Differ from Configured Entitlement
Duplicate Messages when Modifying Running Guests
Manpages Display on Linux Guests
hpvmstatus Manpage Missing New Field
Integrity VM Check Might Fail Because of Bad Switch
6 Guest Administration
Administrator Account Names
Guest User Accounts
Creating Virtual Machine Administrator and Operator Accounts
Modifying Guests
Monitor Logs Might Report Warnings
Warning Message Might Appear When Configuring or Starting Guests
Do Not Add User Accounts to the hpvmsys Group
Do Not Enter Ctrl/B after Starting Guest with Virtual Console
HP-UX 11i v3 Guests Might Panic with a NaT_hndler: kernel NaT Consumption Fault
How to Stop Guests
The hpvmconsole pc –cycle Command Occasionally Doesn’t Complete
How to Recover from a Guest Hang
Using HP Serviceguard to Manage Guests
Packaging VM Guest with CFS/CVM Backing Stores as Serviceguard Packages
File Permission Errors When Checking or Applying Integrity VM Serviceguard Packages to the Cluster Configuration
Status of Serviceguard Controlled Distributed Guests can Lag
The hpvmsg_package Does Not Add Appropriate Entries
Problem Displaying Truncated IPv6 Address for AVIO LAN with hpvmstatus and hpvmnet Commands
Using AVIO LAN Device in a Serviceguard Configured Guest
Required HP Serviceguard Patches
Reenter Command to Start Packages
Do not Use Integrity VM Commands to Manage Distributed Guests
Different Cluster Nodes Report Virtual Machine Status Differently
Syslog Entries for cmcld Can Be Ignored
Using Virtual Machines Manager (VM Manager) to Manage Distributed Guests
Managing Guests using gWLM
7 Networking Information
Supported Adapters
Calculating the Actual Utilization of the Virtual Network Card
Using IP Alias Addresses in the Guest Not Supported for IPv4 or IPv6
Sufficient Memory for Guests with Virtual LAN Devices
Vswitches Are Always in SHARED Mode
Do Not Use the HP A5506B PCI 10/100Base-TX 4 Port Interface for Virtual Networking
MAC Address Validation Can Be Enhanced
Auto Port Aggregation (APA) is Supported on the VM Host, Not on the Guest
VM Manager Does Not Display APA Link Aggregate LAN Device
Do Not Run Applications that Set Network Devices into Promiscuous Mode
Guest and Host Communication
Configuring vswitches to be Backed by a VLAN Interface on the VM Host is Not Supported
Do Not Turn on TSO on the VM Host and on HP-UX Guests
Restarting Vswitches
Guest AVIO Interface Behavior
AVIO LAN Devices Not Claimed by Guest with DOWN Vswitch at Boot Time
Do Not Use TCP Software Packet Reassembly in IGSSN Driver
Other Issues and Notes
Integrity VM V4.0 Does not Support Gelan Drivers
8 Storage Information
Agile Device Name Recommendations
Configuration Limits
USB Device Naming
The sam Command might Display Incorrect Number of Disks and Paths on an HP-UX 11i v2 Guest
Crash Dump Collection Might Fail for HP-UX Guests with Attached I/O Devices
DMP Files Not Supported as Backing Stores
Assigning a Null Device to a Resource
Using Database Management Products on Virtual Machines
Integrity VM Does Not Honor File Permissions on Backing Stores
Using USB CD/DVD Devices
The hpvmmodify Command Fails to Change a DVD
Virtual FileDVD Reverts to Original Resource Statement
Physical Device null Assigned to Nonexistent Path
Using sam on Guest Cannot Initialize Disk
Extending a Logical Volume Backing Store
Virtual SCSI (VIO) Device Limitations
AVIO Limitations
Modifying the Storage Adapter from scsi to avio_stor
Guest Boot Error Messages on AVIO null DVD
Guest Console INsert Failure on AVIO null DVD
Virtual Device Types and Backing Store Support
GuestAVIOStor Bundle not Installed but AVIO Storage Device is Configured
Agile DSFs Change in HP-UX 11i v3 Guest When Migrating Disks Between scsi and avio_stor
Longer Failure Reporting Time for AVIO Devices on 11i v2 Guests
Online Modification of AVIO Devices Might Fail
Mapping AVIO Storage Devices on 11i v2 Guests
GuestAVIOStor HBA Driver (gvsd) DLKM
The hpvmmodify command on an AVIO Entry Might Fail
Guest LUN Does Not Appear After a Delete and Add
9 Migrating Virtual Machines
Do Not Migrate Distributed Guests
Collect CapAd Data before Migrating
10 Error Logging
Guest Log Can Grow Unbounded
Log Messages Written to Old Log File
Saved MCA or INIT Register State Can Be Inaccurate
Modifying the Size of the Monitor Log File
Virtual Console Event Logs Different from Physical Machine Logs
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