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HP Integrity Virtual Machines Version 4.0 Release Notes > Chapter 7 Networking Information

Guest AVIO Interface Behavior


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The following list describes the guest AVIO interface behavior when guest boots while vswitch is down or resetting:

  • If you boot a guest while the vswitch is not up, AVIO interfaces associated with the vswitch might not be claimed in the guest. For example, this might occur if the guest is booted prior to booting the vswitch or if the corresponding network interface on the VM Host is not cabled. If you encounter this problem, first fix the vswitch state (that is, ensure that hpvmnet displays its state as Up), and then execute the ioscan command in the guest. These actions will claim the AVIO interfaces.

  • After ioscan claims the AVIO devices in the guest, you might notice that the AVIO devices cannot communicate with another VIO guest interface configured on the same vswitch. When this occurs, invoke the hpvmnet -r option on the vswitch to restore connectivity.

  • If the vswitch is in an unstable state while the guest is booting, guest AVIO interfaces might fail initialization and move to the DOWN state (as displayed by thelanscan command). When this occurs, first ensure that the vswitch enters a stable state , then reset the guest interface using lanadmin.

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