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HP Integrity Virtual Machines Version 4.0 Release Notes > Chapter 5 Using Integrity VM Commands

Two New Attributes for the hpvmdevmgmt Command


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The hpmvdevmgmt command has two new attributes: USAGE and PRESERVE. The USAGE attribute is for files that are used a backing storage for disks or DVDs and is valid only for files. It cannot be set for a real disk, DVD, or burner (when the burner is used as a DVD). The values for USAGE are:


The following examples show how to set the USAGE attribute:

# hpvmdevmgmt -a gdev:/somepath/somefile:attr:USAGE:DISK # hpvmdevmgmt -a gdev:/somepath/someisofile.iso:attr:USAGE=DVD


# hpvmdevmgmt -a gdev:/somepath/somefile # hpvmdevmgmt -m gdev:/somepath/somefile:attr:USAGE=DISK
# hpvmdevmgmt -a gdev:/somepath/someisofile.iso # hpvmdevmgmt -m gdev:/somepath/someisofile.iso:attr:USAGE=DVD

The PRESERVE attribute has the following format:


The following example shows how to set the PRESERVE attribute:

# hpvmdevmgmt -m gdev:/somedevice:attr:PRESERVE=YES

The PRESERVE attribute prevents the entry from being automatically deleted by an hpvmremove or hpvmmodify —d command that deletes the last guest dependency for a particular device entry. That is, the entry is preserved for future use (whereas the default behavior is to clean up non-used entries by deleting them). Setting the PRESERVE attribute to NO is the same as not specifying the attribute at all.

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