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HP Integrity Virtual Machines Version 4.0 Release Notes > Chapter 2 Installation Notes

Do Not Install Applications on the VM Host System


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When you install Integrity VM, HP-UX kernel parameters are changed to accommodate the virtual machine environment. This makes the system unsuitable for running any other applications. Regardless of whether guests are configured and running, the VM Host system is not configured to allow applications to share system resources. You can run system management utilities and Serviceguard, as documented in the HP Integrity VM Installation, Configuration, and Administration manual.

  • Using backup solutions for VM Host and guest backups

    Backup solutions such as HP Data Protector or Veritas NetBackup can be used on both the VM Host system and the guest systems. Consult the support matrix of such products for supported versions. Install the backup (client) agents on the VM Host and the guests. HP highly recommends that the /var and /opt directories, in addition to the standard locations, be backed up regularly on the VM Host system. Do not use the VM Host system as a backup server. For more information, see the HP-UX 11i v2 Installation and Update Guide.

  • Using HP GlancePlus/iX to monitor guests

    You can use Glance on the VM Host to monitor guest data, but recorded measurements can be misleading. Glance receives the CPU accounting information from the guest kernel. Because the VM Host can take the processor away (for example, when a hardware interrupt occurs), the time spent running other guests is reported for the state that the guest was in at the time the CPU was taken away. For more information about using Glance, see glance(1M).

  • Using HP Integrity Essentials Global Workload Manager (gWLM)

    If you use gWLM within VSE to manage virtual machines, when you upgrade the VM Host, make sure the gWLM agent on that host is running gWLM A.02.50 or greater. Also, the managing VSE Central Management Station (CMS) must be running A.02.50 or greater, as described in the VSE Management Software Installation and Update Guide. To upgrade the VM Host, use the following procedure:

    1. Remove the gWLM agent using the following command:

      # swremove gWLM-Agent

    2. Upgrade Integrity VM as described in the HP Integrity Virtual Machines Version 4.0 Installation, Configuration, and Administration manual..

    3. Upgrade the gWLM agent, as described in the VSE Management Software Installation and Update Guide.

    If you install the current version of Integrity VM without upgrading to gWLM A.02.50 or later, and then attempt to use gWLM within VSE to manage virtual machines, the following error is reported:

    Error acquiring workload management lock. Look in the the file /var/opt/gwlm/gwlmagent.log.0 on hostname for more details.

    NOTE: You can use WLM on the VM Host, but only to manage iCAP resources. gWLM is the workload management solution for managing resource allocation to virtual machines.
  • Using the HP Integrity Virtual Machines Manager (VM Manager)

    The HP VM Manager product provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for Integrity VM. It is available from either of the following management interfaces:

    • HP System Management Homepage (SMH).

      For more information about using VM Manager under SMH, see the Getting Started with VM Manager guide.

    • HP Virtual Server Environment (VSE) Management Software environment in the HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM) on the Central Management Server (CMS).

      For more information about VSE, see the VSE Management Software Quick Start Guide

    If you have installed the HP VM Manager software, you must upgrade it to a version that supports this version of Integrity VM.

    To use VM Manager, you must install the VMProvider bundle that is provided with Integrity VM. If you upgrade Integrity VM, be sure to keep the VMProvider up to date also. If the VMProvider version does not match the Integrity VM version, the VM Manager will not work properly.

    For Windows guests, you must also install the UtilProvider software (provided with the HP Integrity Support Pack for Windows). Follow the instructions for installing Windows guests in the HP Integrity Virtual Machines Installation, Configuration, and Administration manual.

  • Using HP Instant Capacity with Integrity VM

    You can use HP Instant Capacity solutions on the VM Host system as you would on any other HP-UX system.

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