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HP Integrity Virtual Machines Version 4.0 Release Notes > Chapter 3 Creating Virtual Machines

Small Memory HP-UX 11i v3 Guest Might Fail to Configure One or More Virtual Interface Cards


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Small memory (less than or equal to 2 GB RAM) HP-UX 11i v3 guests might fail to configure one or more virtual interface cards. Messages like the following might be shown on the guest console:

wsio_claim init failed isc=0xe000000109c41400 name=mpt or igssn: The device at hardware path 0/0/1/0 failed initialization (3309).

The issue is resolved in PHKL_37452 that must be installed on the guest to prevent the problem. The problem might occur during installation, in which case it results in some devices not being presented in the installation interface. The solution is either to install the guest from the 11.31.0803 OE, which does not have the problem, or temporarily increase memory assigned to the guest above 2GB (for example 2.5GB), and lower it back to the intended size after the guest OS and PHKL_37452 is installed.

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