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HP Integrity Virtual Machines Version 4.0 Release Notes > Chapter 8 Storage Information

Extending a Logical Volume Backing Store


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On the VM Host, do not extend a logical volume (LVM or VxVM) used as a backing store for a guest root disk. If you do this, the guest panics on its next reboot with the following error:

System panic: all VFS_MOUNTROOTs failed: Need DRIVERS.

The guest should be able to boot if the logical volume is reverted (using lvreduce in case of LVM) to its original size. If this fails, the guest root device has been corrupted, and the guest operating system must be reinstalled.

An AVIO logical volume backing store not used as a root disk can be extended while the guest is online. For HP-UX 11i v3 guests using AVIO, the guest is notified of the increased size of the backing store for logical volumes as well as raw disks, and the guest can take the appropriate actions to use the larger size.

For a SCSI logical volume used as a backing store for a guest data disk, you can extend the volume after removing it from the guest using the hpvmmodify command. After extending the volume, use the hpvmmodify command to add the volume to the guest. Do not modify a logical volume used as a backing store without first removing it from the guest.

After you extend the logical volume, use operating system commands on the guest to extend its file system.

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