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HP Integrity Virtual Machines Version 4.0 Release Notes > Chapter 7 Networking Information

Do Not Use TCP Software Packet Reassembly in IGSSN Driver


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There have been problems with TCP Software Packet reassembly in the igssn driver in a guest HP-UX image. For this release, do not enable it on a guest. By default, software packet reassembly (known with acronyms as drv_pr for driver packet reassembly) is enabled in igssn in the guest.

To determine if drv_pr is enabled, an administrator can execute the following command:

lanadmin -x drv_pr ppa

where ppa is the Card instance # (Crd in#) from lanscan.

To manually disable drv_pr, an administrator can execute the following command:

lanadmin -X drv_pr_off ppa

To manually enable drv_pr, an administrator can execute the following command:

lanadmin -X drv_pr_on ppa
NOTE: These change are not carried over to subsequent reboots of the system. To maintain the configuration over reboots of the guest, the administrator must edit the guest file, /etc/rc.config.d/hpigssnconf.

For each igssn device that must have drv_pr disabled, you must construct a block of information in the hpigssnconf file. For example, if your guest needed to have both lan0 and lan3 disable drv_pr, you might have:

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