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Index: S

save( ): 7.3. XMLProperties
SAX (Simple API for XML): 1.2.1. Low-Level APIs
3. SAX
classes: 3.1.2. Getting the SAX Classes and Interfaces
documentation: 3.1.2. Getting the SAX Classes and Interfaces
exceptions, thrown by DOM parsers: 5.4.3. DOM Parsers Throwing SAX Exceptions
filters: 4.3.1. XMLFilters
HandlerBase class: 9.2.1. Starting with SAX
handlers: 3.3. Content Handlers
hierarchical character: SAX siblings
InputSource vs. URI: 3.2.3. Using an InputSource
Javadocs: 3.1.2. Getting the SAX Classes and Interfaces
JAXP, versions supported under: 9.1.2. The Old and the New
limitations with XML: 6.1. Changes
org.xml.sax.XMLReader interface: 3.2. SAX Readers
instantiating: 3.2.1. Instantiating a Reader
ParserFactory class: 9.2.1. Starting with SAX
reasons for using: Why use SAX at all?
Release 2.0, parsers, not supported by: 3.5.1. My Parser Doesn't Support SAX 2.0
sequential model: SAX is sequential
standardization: 7.4.2. SAX and DOM as Standards
uses: Why use SAX at all?
Version 2.0: A.1. SAX 2.0
core properties: B.2. Core Properties
XML standards, support of: 4.1. Properties and Features
XMLReader implementations, core features: B.1. Core Features
web publishing frameworks, support by: 10.1.2. Integration with Other XML Tools and APIs
XML-RPC server, driver for: 11.2.3. Writing the Server
XSLT, limitations in use with: SAX siblings
SAXBuilder class: 7.1.3. Input and Output
A.4.3.4. SAXBuilder
SAXException class: 3.3.2. The Beginning and the End of a Document
A.1.1.12. SAXException
SAXExceptions: 3.3.2. The Beginning and the End of a Document
SAXNot SupportedExceptions: Namespaces
SAXNotRecognizedException class: A.1.1.13. SAXNotRecognizedException
SAXNotRecognizedExceptions: Namespaces
SAXNotSupportedException class: A.1.1.14. SAXNotSupportedException
SAXOutputter: 7.1.3. Input and Output
7.2.4. Outputting XML with JDOM
8.1.3. The Namespace Class
A.4.4. Package: org.jdom.output
SAXParseException class: A.1.1.15. SAXParseException
SAXParseExceptions: 3.4. Error Handlers
SAXParser class: Working with the SAXParser class
A.3.1.5. SAXParser
SAXParser interface
parse( ): The road to SAX 2.0
SAXParserFactory class: A look at the SAXParserFactory class
A.3.1.6. SAXParserFactory
JAXP v. 1.1: 9.3.1. Updating the Standards
SAXTreeViewer class: 3.2. SAX Readers
3.2.1. Instantiating a Reader
Scheduler class: 11.3.1. A Shared Handler
import statement: 11.3.1. A Shared Handler
returning events: 11.3.1. A Shared Handler
sorting algorithm: 11.3.1. A Shared Handler
SchedulerClient class: 11.3.3. A Useful Client
schemaLocation attribute: 2.1.2. Namespaces
search( ): NodeIterator
serialization: 5.2.3. DOMSerializer
DOM node types: Launching serialization
recursion: Launching serialization
serialize( ): Getting started Launching serialization
invocation: 5.2.4. The Results
serializeNode( ): Launching serialization
SerializerTest class: 5.2.1. Getting a DOM Parser
server.xml file: 10.2.2. Configuring the Servlet Engine
service element: 13.3. WSDL
service registry: 13.1. Web Services
compared to XML-RPC: 11.4.3. To Servlet or Not To Servlet
development: 10. Web Publishing Frameworks
engine configuration for Cocoon: 10.2.2. Configuring the Servlet Engine
XSLT from: 14.2.2. XSLT from a Servlet
setAttribute( ): 6.1.1. Creating a New DOM Tree
7.2.3. Creating XML with JDOM Working with the factory
setContentHandler( ): 3.3. Content Handlers
3.3.9. The Results
setDocumentLocator( ), Locator instance: 3.5.3. The Misplaced Locator
setDriver( ): 11.2.3. Writing the Server
11.2.4. Writing the Client
ClassNotFoundException: 11.2.3. Writing the Server
setDTDHandler( ): 3.3. Content Handlers
setEndAfter( ): 6.3.3. Range
setEntityResolver( ): 3.3. Content Handlers
setErrorHandler( ): 3.3. Content Handlers
3.4. Error Handlers
setErrorListener( ): Working with the factory
setExpandEntities( ): 8.1.2. The EntityRef Class
setFactory( ): 8.2.2. Building with Custom Classes
setFeature( ): 4.1.1. Setting Properties and Features Namespaces Changes in SAX classes
SetNameSpaceProcessing( ): Namespaces
setParent( ): 4.3.1. XMLFilters
setProperty( ): 4.1.1. Setting Properties and Features Changes in SAX classes
setRootPart( ): 13.4.1. A Messaging Service
setStartBefore( ): 6.3.3. Range
setText( ): 7.2.3. Creating XML with JDOM
element, invocation on: 8.1.1. The Text Class
Silverstream: 13.4.4. WSDL
Simple API for XML (see SAX)
Simple Object Access Protocol (see SOAP)
SimpleXPathViewer class: 8.3.4. Endgame
skipped entities and SAX: 3.5.1. My Parser Doesn't Support SAX 2.0
SOAP-RPC calls, necessary operations: 12.3.3. An RPC Client
SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol): 1.2.3. XML-Based Applications
12. SOAP
Apache Axis: What's Axis?
Apache implementation: 12.2. Setting Up
Apache, stackTrace element: 12.4.2. Better Error Handling
basic components: 12.1. Starting Out
custom parameters: 12.4.1. Custom Parameter Types
encodingStyle attribute: 12.4.1. Custom Parameter Types
differences in implementations: What's Axis?
DOMFaultListener: 12.4.2. Better Error Handling
encoding: 12.1.2. Encoding
envelope: 12.1.1. The Envelope
error handling: 12.4.2. Better Error Handling
IBM SOAP4J: What about IBM SOAP4J?
installation: 12.2.2. Installation
admin client: The router servlet and admin client
clients: The client
online resources: The router servlet and admin client The router servlet and admin client
router servlets: The router servlet and admin client
invocation: 12.1.3. Invocation
Microsoft implementation: Isn't Microsoft a player?
online resources: 12.1. Starting Out
RPC calls: 12.3.2. An RPC Service
RPC clients: 12.3.3. An RPC Client
RPC services: Code artifacts
deploying: Deploying the service
updating: Deploying the service
system design: 12.3. Getting Dirty
SOAPMappingRegistry class: 12.4.1. Custom Parameter Types
SOAPWiz: 13.4.4. WSDL
Source interface: A.3.2.4. Source
sourcecode, online resources: 0.3. Software and Versions
SourceLocator interface: A.3.2.5. SourceLocator
startDocument( ): 3.3.2. The Beginning and the End of a Document
startElement( ): 3.3.5. Element Callbacks
3.3.5. Element Callbacks
callback report: 3.3.4. Namespace Callbacks
startPrefixMapping( ): 3.3.4. Namespace Callbacks
static content generation: 10. Web Publishing Frameworks
store( ): 7.3. XMLProperties
7.3.1. Storing XML
7.3.4. Backtracking
StreamResult class: Transforming XML
StreamSource class: Transforming XML
string-interning: Interning and entities
Javadoc sources: Interning and entities
Style module: Style
JavaXML.fo.xsl: 10.4.1. Creating an XSP Page
PDF transformation: 10.3.2. Viewing PDFs from XML
WML: 10.3.4. WAP and XML
XSP: 10.4. XSP
subclassing, JDOM: 8.4.1. More on Subclassing
Sun Microsystems Project X: 1.3.2. A Parser
supplyBooks.pl: 14.1.3. Providing a Listing of Available Books
switch construct (_ _ Java): Working with nodes
system ID: Working with nodes
in XML documents: 3.2.3. Using an InputSource
SYSTEM keyword: 2.1.1. XML 1.0
system resources, DOM and: 5.4.1. Memory, Performance, and Deferred DOMs

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