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0.3. Software and Versions

This book covers XML 1.0 and the various XML vocabularies in their latest form as of July of 2001. Because various XML specifications covered are not final, there may be minor inconsistencies between printed publications of this book and the current version of the specification in question.

All the Java code used is based on the Java 1.2 platform. If you're not using Java 1.2 by now, start to work to get there; the collections classes alone are worth it. The Apache Xerces parser, Apache Xalan processor, Apache SOAP library, and Apache FOP libraries were the latest stable versions available as of June of 2000, and the Apache Cocoon web publishing framework used is Version 1.8.2. The XML-RPC Java libraries used are Version 1.0 beta 4. All software used is freely available and can be obtained online from http://java.sun.com, http://xml.apache.org, and http://www.xml-rpc.com.

The source for the examples in this book is contained completely within the book itself. Both source and binary forms of all examples (including extensive Javadoc not necessarily included in the text) are available online from http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/javaxml2/ and http://www.newInstance.com. All of the examples that could run as servlets, or be converted to run as servlets, can be viewed and used online at http://www.newInstance.com.

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