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Index: I

ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol)
alternatives to ping: echoping
blocking traffic: Smurf Attacks
DOS attacks and: Security and ICMP
error messages: Interpreting results
filtering traffic: Protocol and port filtering.
low priorities for traffic: Other problems
monitoring with tkined: ICMP monitoring
ntop plugins for: Web mode
ping tools and: 3.3.2. How ping Works
port scanning and: 6.2.2. nmap
sending packets with hping tool: hping
sending packets with nemesis: nemesis
sequence numbers in ping results: Interpreting results
tracert tool and: 4.3. Microsoft Windows
identifying hardware types: 6.3.1. Stack Fingerprinting
identifying network nodes (see device discovery)
identifying paths: 4.1. Path Discovery with traceroute
IEEE web site: 2.1.6. arp
ifconfig tool: 2.1.5. ifconfig
2.2.4. Startup Files and Scripts
IGMP packets: Protocol and port filtering. nemesis
IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol): B.2.3. Specific Protocols
impedance, testing: Cable testers
incompetence in management: Legal and ethical considerations
indexmaker script (mrtg): 8.4.1. mrtg mrtg configuration file
8.6.1. ntop, mrtg, and cricket on Windows
inetd daemon: 2.1.1. ps
2.1.3. netstat
11.2.3. Other Approaches to Logging
inetd.conf file: 2.2.1. Basic Configuration Files
information sources for troubleshooting: B.1. Sources of Information
INFORM_REQUEST message (SNMP): 7.1. Overview of SNMP
infrastructure costs: Economic considerations
init process in startup sequence: 2.2.4. Startup Files and Scripts
initial costs: Economic considerations
injecting packets (see packet injection tools)
cabling: 3.1.1. Installing New Cabling
firewalls: Firewall testing
managing installations: 6.1.1. Characteristics of Management Software
MIBs: Configuration and options SNMP traps
port collections: A.1.4. FreeBSD Ports
reinstalling software to resolve problems: 1.1. General Approaches to Troubleshooting
SNMP on Microsoft Windows: 7.4.1. Windows SNMP Setup
tools and software: A.1. Installing Software
tracking software installations: 1.3.1. Documentation
troubleshooting strategies: 12.2.1. Installation Testing
integrated network management tools: 6.1.2. Discovery and Mapping Tools
integrity checking: 2. Host Configurations
11.4. Security Tools
11.4.1. tripwire
integrity of packages: A.1.2. Solaris Packages
in ARP tables: 2.1.6. arp
capturing traffic data: 5.2. Access to Traffic Controlling program behavior Using ethereal
changing parameters: 2.1.5. ifconfig
configuration information: 2.1.3. netstat
configuration retrieval: 2.1.5. ifconfig
discovering: Controlling program behavior mrtg configuration file
ethereal data capture: Using ethereal
graphing traffic: 8.4.1. mrtg
lights on: Link lights
measuring traffic on: 4.2.4. Traffic Measurements with netstat
MGEN settings: MGEN
mrtg configuration files: mrtg configuration file
mrtg discovery: mrtg configuration file
multihomed computers: Interactive mode
ntop tool settings: Interactive mode Web mode
ping and: Using ping
point-monitoring tools: 8.1. What, When, and Where
8.3. Point-Monitoring Tools
promiscuous mode and: 5.3. Capturing Data Controlling program behavior Using ethereal
5.7.2. Protecting Yourself
6.2.3. arpwatch
8.3.1. ntop
in routing tables: 2.1.3. netstat
shutting down: 2.1.5. ifconfig
snmpnetstat packet counts: snmpnetstat
speed: 4.2.1. Performance Measurements
switching in ntop: Web mode
tkined retrieval results: Other commands
intermediaries in Smurf attacks: Smurf Attacks
intermittent cabling problems: 3.1. Cabling
intermittently blinking lights: Link lights
Internet connections
bottleneck bandwidth: 4.2.1. Performance Measurements
effects on traffic patterns: Web mode
listing open files for: 2.1.4. lsof
ping results and: Interpreting results
protocol books and resources: B.2.3. Specific Protocols
public time servers: 11.3. NTP
running traceroute over: 4.1.2. Complications with traceroute
Internet Control Message Protocol (see ICMP)
Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP): B.2.3. Specific Protocols
Internet Service Providers, evaluating: Other related tools
Internic registration information: 6.5. Mapping or Diagramming
interrupt settings: 3.2. Testing Adapters
between packets: Options hping
mrtg settings: 8.4.1. mrtg mrtg configuration file
netmon settings: 8.6. Microsoft Windows
spray tool settings: spray
tkined poll settings: ICMP monitoring
intrusion detection: Web mode hping
of equipment: 1.3.1. Documentation
of software: 1.3.1. Documentation
I/O performance: 8.6. Microsoft Windows
IP addresses
address resolution problems: 2.1.6. arp
ARP tables: 2.1.6. arp
2.1.6. arp
6.2.1. IP Address Management
arping tool and: arping
arpwatch tool and: 6.2.3. arpwatch
classes: 5.5.2. tcpdpriv
displaying for connections: 2.1.3. netstat
duplicated addresses: 2.1.6. arp
4.1.2. Complications with traceroute
6.2.1. IP Address Management
dynamic allocation: 6.2.1. IP Address Management
filtering: Address filtering. Compound filters.
frequent changes in: 6.2.3. arpwatch
getif and: 7.4.2. SNMP Tools
headers: ttcp
identifying: arping
in-use addresses: 6.2.2. nmap
in interface configurations: 2.1.3. netstat
2.1.5. ifconfig
management of: 6.2.1. IP Address Management
mapping: 2.1.6. arp
2.1.6. arp
nemesis and: nemesis
ntop and: Interactive mode Web mode
packet sniffer detection: 5.7.2. Protecting Yourself
ping and: Using ping
ranges of: 6.5. Mapping or Diagramming
reverse name lookup: 4.1. Path Discovery with traceroute
RMON data: 8.5. RMON
for routers: 4.1.2. Complications with traceroute
scanning (see IP scanning)
scrambling: 5.5.2. tcpdpriv
for SNMP agents: snmpstatus
static addresses: 6.2.1. IP Address Management
tcpdump tool and: Controlling how information is displayed
testing: 6.2.1. IP Address Management
traceroute and: 4.1.2. Complications with traceroute
troubleshooting name services: nslookup and dig
IP forwarding parameter: 2.2.3. Kernel
IP scanning: 6.2.1. IP Address Management
getif tool: 7.4.2. SNMP Tools
Microsoft Windows tools: 6.7. Microsoft Windows
nmap tool: 6.2.2. nmap
ipchains log tool: 8.2. Host-Monitoring Tools
ipconfig configuration tool: 2.3. Microsoft Windows
iperf bandwidth tool: iperf
4.3. Microsoft Windows
A.4. Sources for Tools
ipfilter TCP tools: Other tools
A.4. Sources for Tools
ipfw log tool: 8.2. Host-Monitoring Tools
ipload load generator tool: 9.3. Microsoft Windows
A.4. Sources for Tools
ipsend filtering tool: Other tools
A.4. Sources for Tools
iptrace capture tool: 5.5.10. Other Packet Capture Programs
IRIX systems: 2.2.3. Kernel Packet pair software
isolation, testing devices in: Firewall testing
ISPs, evaluating: Other related tools
iss security tool: 11.4. Security Tools

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