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Index: H

discovering (see device discovery)
emulators: 9.2. Network Emulators and Simulators
hardware errors: 4.2.4. Traffic Measurements with netstat
identifying: 6.3. Device Identification
inventories: 1.3.1. Documentation
load generator devices: MGEN
monitoring (see device monitoring)
swapping: 1.1. General Approaches to Troubleshooting
capturing: Controlling program behavior Using ethereal
displaying in packets: Using ethereal
hping settings: hping
structure of: Packet characteristics.
helpdesks: B.1. Sources of Information
hexadecimal capture: Controlling what's displayed Using ethereal hping
hexdump analysis tool: Controlling what's displayed
hidden transmission points: pathchar bing
higher-level services, filtering: Protocol and port filtering.
h2n name server tool: Other tools
A.4. Sources for Tools
home pages for mrtg graphs: mrtg configuration file
honesty in network management: Professionalism
limiting number in traceroute: 4.1.1. Options
pathchar results: pathchar
in route discovery: 4.1. Path Discovery with traceroute
in routing tables: 2.1.3. netstat
TTL counts and: Interpreting results
host configuration
Microsoft Windows: 2.3. Microsoft Windows
system configuration files: 2.2. System Configuration Files
utilities: 2.1. Utilities
host domain name tool: nslookup and dig
A.4. Sources for Tools
hostname configuration tool: 2.3. Microsoft Windows
configuration (see host configuration)
connectivity: Using ping
displaying remote X Windows sessions on: 11.1.2. vnc
host authentication: 11.1.3. ssh
host-monitoring tools: 8.1. What, When, and Where
8.2. Host-Monitoring Tools
8.6. Microsoft Windows
link-level addresses: 3.3.3. Problems with ping
listing information with nslookup: nslookup and dig
ntop results: Interactive mode Web mode
pinging multiple hosts: fping
sorting traffic display by: Web mode
traffic capture and: 5.2. Access to Traffic
hourly charts of traffic: 8.4.3. cricket
hping packet tool
custom packet generation: 9.1.1. Custom Packets Generators
source web site: A.4. Sources for Tools
testing connectivity with: hping
testing firewalls with: Firewall testing
HTML pages of traffic patterns: 8.4.1. mrtg
HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
monitoring devices with HTTP servers: 7.3. Non-SNMP Approaches
ntop traffic results: Web mode
performance and security problems: 10.1.2. HTTP
ports: 6.2.2. nmap
6.3. Device Identification
secure HTTP: Web mode
stack fingerprinting ports and: 6.3.2. queso
troubleshooting: 10.1.2. HTTP
compared to switches: 5.2. Access to Traffic
point-monitoring tools and: 8.3. Point-Monitoring Tools
security and: 5.7.1. Switch Security
traffic capture and: 5.2. Access to Traffic
unmanaged hubs: 6.5. Mapping or Diagramming
HUP command, using with snmpd: Agents and traps
hypotheses in troubleshooting: 12.1. Generic Troubleshooting

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