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Index: F

factors in performance measurement: General steps
failure to document systems: Ego management
falling thresholds (RMON): 8.5. RMON
FAQ lists: B.1. Sources of Information
fast scan option in nmap: 6.2.2. nmap
fiber-optic cables: 3.1.1. Installing New Cabling
fiber splitters in patch devices: 5.2. Access to Traffic
files: mrtg configuration file
(see also configuration files)
arpwatch data in: 6.2.3. arpwatch
command line output in: 11.1.1. Automating Documentation
decoding tcpdump files: 5.5.5. tcpshow
extracting data from: 5.5.6. tcpslice
filter files: Filtering
IP scans: 6.2.2. nmap
log files: 11.2. Log Files and Auditing
name resolution results in: doc, dnswalk, and lamers
tcpdump files: 5.4.1. Using tcpdump
5.4.1. Using tcpdump
writing data to packets: nemesis
address filtering: Address filtering.
blocking packets: Interpreting results
compound filters: Compound filters. Display filters
display filters: Display filters
ethereal tool: Using ethereal Display filters
ntop traffic capture: Interactive mode
operators in filters: Packet characteristics.
packet characteristics: Packet characteristics.
port filtering: Protocol and port filtering.
preventing Smurf attacks: Smurf Attacks
protocol filtering: Protocol and port filtering.
sanitize tool: 5.5.1. sanitize
SNMP traffic: 7.1. Overview of SNMP
tcpdump tool
applying filters to data files: 5.4.1. Using tcpdump
filtering collected data: Controlling program behavior
options: Filtering
output: 5.4.1. Using tcpdump
testing filters: Address filtering.
finding tools and software: A.2. Generic Sources
finger tool (cyberkit suite): 6.7.1. Cyberkit
fingerprinting programs (see stack fingerprinting)
fire codes, cabling and: 3.1.1. Installing New Cabling
books and resources: B.2.7. Security
configuration files: Security files
flags and: nemesis
personal firewalls: 6.6. Politics and Security
stealth scanning and: 6.2.2. nmap
syslog remote logging and: Remote logging
testing with ipsend tool: Other tools
testing with spoofed addresses: hping
in ARP tables: 2.1.6. arp
nemesis settings: nemesis
ping flags: Options
in routing tables: 2.1.3. netstat
flakeways: 9.2.1. NISTNet
flashing icons in tkined: ICMP monitoring
flooding networks
hosts with syslog messages: Remote logging
load generators: 9.1.2. Load Generators
packet injection tools: 9.1. Packet Injection Tools
ping tools: Options
switches: 5.7.1. Switch Security
fluorescent lights, cabling and: 3.1.1. Installing New Cabling
following TCP streams: Using ethereal
forged ARP packets: 5.7.1. Switch Security
forged IP addresses (see spoofing addresses)
forged syslog messages: Remote logging
forking, preventing in snmpd: Agents and traps
forwarding behavior in ARP tables: 2.2.3. Kernel
fping packet tool: fping
A.4. Sources for Tools
Fraggle denial of service attacks: echoping
diagnosing fragmentation problems: Options
fragmented stealth packets: 6.2.2. nmap
packet capture and: 5.5.3. tcpflow
traceroute and: 4.1. Path Discovery with traceroute
frame buffers: 11.1.2. vnc
capturing: 5.3. Capturing Data
framing errors: 5.3. Capturing Data
interface frame size capabilities: 2.1.5. ifconfig
performance measurements: 4.2.1. Performance Measurements
ping frame size options: Options
framework packages for network management: 6.1.2. Discovery and Mapping Tools
framing types, adapters: 3.2. Testing Adapters
FreeBSD systems
configuration programs: 2.2.2. Configuration Programs
disabling Berkeley packet filter: 5.7.2. Protecting Yourself
nonzero values in netstat: 4.2.4. Traffic Measurements with netstat
ping flags: Options
ping tools: Simple examples
port collections: A.1.4. FreeBSD Ports
recompiling kernel: 2.2.3. Kernel
"freely available" tools: A.3. Licenses
fressh ssh tool: A.4. Sources for Tools
FTP (file transfer protocol): 2.1.4. lsof
4.2.3. Throughput Measurements
6.3. Device Identification Web mode

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