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Index: O

object identifiers (SNMP) (see OIDs)
Object Tool Command Language (OCL): 9.2.2. ns and nam
definitions in OIDs: snmptranslate
examining MIBs in tkined: Examining MIBs
in MIBs: 7.1. Overview of SNMP
monitoring with tkined: Monitoring SNMP objects
object descriptors: 7.1. Overview of SNMP
retrieving with scotty: 7.2.2. scotty
SNMP objects: 7.1. Overview of SNMP
tables of: snmpgetnext, snmpwalk, and snmptable
OCL (Object Tool Command Language: 9.2.2. ns and nam
od analysis tool: Controlling what's displayed
offsets in packet headers: Packet characteristics.
OIDs (object identifiers in SNMP)
contents: 7.1. Overview of SNMP
display options in SNMP: Configuration and options
mrtg usage of: mrtg configuration file
object descriptors for: 7.1. Overview of SNMP
syntax: snmpget
translating names and numbers: snmptranslate
ongoing costs: Economic considerations
online documentation: B.1. Sources of Information
open files, listing for systems: 2.1.4. lsof
Open Network Management Systems: 6.1.2. Discovery and Mapping Tools
open source network management tools: 6.1.2. Discovery and Mapping Tools
OpenBSD project: 11.1.3. ssh
OpenBSD systems: 11.4.1. tripwire
A.1.4. FreeBSD Ports
openness in organizations: Professionalism
OpenSSH project: 11.1.3. ssh
11.1.3. ssh
openssh ssh tool: A.4. Sources for Tools
operating speeds of interfaces: mrtg configuration file
operating systems
identifying for devices: 6.3. Device Identification
inconsistent or contradictory packets and: 6.3.1. Stack Fingerprinting
known behaviors: 6.3.1. Stack Fingerprinting
NFS daemons and: 10.1.6. NFS
OS fingerprinting: 6.3.1. Stack Fingerprinting
operational costs: Economic considerations
operators in filters: Filtering Packet characteristics.
organizational culture in network management: Professionalism
Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI): 2.1.6. arp
OS fingerprinting (see stack fingerprinting)
OSPF (Open Shortest Path First): Protocol and port filtering. nemesis
10.1.5. Routing
ospf_monitor tool: 10.1.5. Routing
OUI (Organizationally Unique Identifier): 2.1.6. arp
out-of-order packets: 5.5.3. tcpflow
outcomes of performance measurement: General steps
hping output: hping
plotting with xplot: 5.5.7. tcptrace
SNMP formatted output: Configuration and options
SNMP redirected output: Agents and traps
SNMP tables: snmpgetnext, snmpwalk, and snmptable
tcpdump files: 5.4.1. Using tcpdump
5.5.5. tcpshow
overengineering networks: Legal and ethical considerations Bottleneck analysis
overloaded networks: Link lights
oversized packets: Ping of Death
owners of processes, listing: 2.1.4. lsof
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