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Index: V

valid documents, vs. well-formedness: Well-formed versus valid documents (XSLT)
valid XML documents: Elements (Java & XML)
1.2.3. Validation (Java and XSLT)
validating parsers: 3.1. XML Parsers (Perl & XML)
3.7. Document Validation (Perl & XML)
1.3. How XML Works (XML in a Nutshell)
1.3. How XML Works (XML in a Nutshell)
18.6. Parsing a Document with DOM (XML in a Nutshell)
associating schema documents with instance documents: 16.1. Overview (XML in a Nutshell)
16.2. Schema Basics (XML in a Nutshell)
validating XML documents: 1.1.1. Validation (XML Schema)
2.3.2. W3C XML Schema Is Both About Structure and Datatyping (XML Schema)
validating XML parsers: 1.3.2. A Parser (Java & XML)
validation: Validation (Java & XML)
validation (document): 3.7. Document Validation (Perl & XML)
validation (producer-side): 2.4. Producer-Side Validation (SAX2)
handling errors for: 2.4.2. Handling Validity Errors (SAX2)
validity constraints: 20.4.2. Validity Constraints (XML in a Nutshell)
validity errors: 1.3. How XML Works (XML in a Nutshell)
3. Document Type Definitions (DTDs) (XML in a Nutshell)
3.1.4. Validating a Document (XML in a Nutshell)
value attribute (Attr interface): 24.2. Object Reference (XML in a Nutshell)
value-of construct: Template matching (Java & XML)
value property of Attr class (DOM): Properties (Perl & XML)
value spaces: 4.1. Lexical and Value Spaces (XML Schema)
multiple facet definitions and: Facet that can be changed but needs to be more restrictive (XML Schema)
variable bindings: B.6. The XPath Context (XSLT)
variable scope: 4.5.2. Variable Scope (XSLT)
variables: 3.2. Parameters and Variables (Java and XSLT)
variables: 4.5. Variables (XSLT)
defining: Defining variables (Java and XSLT)
HTML attribute values, using within: Using variables (Java and XSLT)
incrementing: 3.2.4. Incrementing Variables (Java and XSLT)
initializing: Generating output to initialize a variable (XSLT)
limitations: Using variables (Java and XSLT)
set of (context): 3.2.1. The Context (XSLT)
B.6. The XPath Context (XSLT)
thread safety: Tip 1: Local variables are thread-safe (Java and XSLT)
using: Using variables (Java and XSLT)
Vector: 11.3.1. A Shared Handler (Java & XML)
vendor-neutral parsing code and JAXP: 9.2. JAXP 1.0 (Java & XML)
vendor property: Example: Using extension functions from multiple processors (XSLT)
vendor-specific code: 6.4.3. Bootstrapping (Java & XML)
version information attribute, XML specification for: 20.2. Annotated Sample Documents (XML in a Nutshell)
20.3.1. Global Syntax Structures (XML in a Nutshell)
vertical bar (|), escaping: 4.6.1. Implementing a String Replace Function (XSLT)
Vietnamese language, Unicode block most useful for: 26.3.15. Latin Extended Additional (XML in a Nutshell)
view: 4.2.2. Model-View-Controller (Java and XSLT)
Views module: Views (Java & XML)
views of XML documents: 7. Combining XML Documents (XSLT)
ViewMessageJDOM.java: 7.3.3. JDOM XML Production (Java and XSLT)
ViewMonthJDOM.java: 7.3.3. JDOM XML Production (Java and XSLT)
ViewMonthRenderer.java: 7.4. Servlet Implementation (Java and XSLT)
ViewMonthReqHandler.java: 7.4. Servlet Implementation (Java and XSLT)
viewMonth.xslt: 7.2.3. XSLT Stylesheets (Java and XSLT)
ViewMsgRenderer.java: 7.4. Servlet Implementation (Java and XSLT)
ViewMsgReqHandler.java: 7.4. Servlet Implementation (Java and XSLT)
ViewMsg.xml: 7.2.2. XML Samples (Java and XSLT)
visited pseudoclass: 12.4.4. Pseudoclass Selectors (XML in a Nutshell)
multi-namespace, limitations for: 10.11. Allowing Any Elements or Attributes from a Particular Namespace (XML Schema)
qualified vs. unqualified attributes: 10.3. To Qualify Or Not to Qualify? (XML Schema)
10.4. Disruptive Attributes (XML Schema)
referencing other namespaces: 10.6. Referencing Other Namespaces (XML Schema)
VRML files, converting "Hello World" document into: 2.5.4. The Hello World VRML File (XSLT)

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