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20.2. Annotated Sample Documents

These examples are intended as a mnemonic aid for XML syntax and as a quick map from a specific instance of an XML language construct to its corresponding XML syntax reference section. The sample document and DTD incorporate features defined in the XML 1.0 and Namespaces in XML recommendations.

The sample XML application describes the construction of a piece of furniture. Within the figures, each distinct language construct is enclosed in a box, with the relevant reference section name provided as a callout. By locating a construct in the sample, then locating the associated reference section, you can quickly recognize and learn about unfamiliar XML syntax. Four files make up this sample application:

The document shown in Figure 20-1 uses furniture.dtd to describe a simple bookcase.

Figure 20-1

Figure 20-1. bookcase.xml

The XML document type definition shown in Figure 20-2 provides a simple grammar for describing components and assembly details for a piece of furniture.

Figure 20-2

Figure 20-2. furniture.dtd

The external entity file shown in Figure 20-3 contains additional bookcase-specific elements for the bookcase.xml document.

Figure 20-3

Figure 20-3. bookcase_ex.ent

Figure 20-4 contains an external parsed general entity example that contains the parts list for the bookcase example document.

Figure 20-4

Figure 20-4. parts_list.ent

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