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Index: M

machine-readable Web language: 14.2. An Introduction to XML
mail and mailx programs: 9.5. mailx and mail
Mail::Mailer module, using with: 9.6. Perl Mailers
mail queue: 9.4.2. Mail Queue
mail transport agents (MTAs): 9.4. sendmail
mailers, shells and: 9.1.1. Mailers and Shells
Mail::Mailer module: 9.6. Perl Mailers
maintaining state: 11. Maintaining State
client-side cookies: 11.3. Client-Side Cookies
hidden fields: 11.2. Hidden Fields
query strings and extra path information: 11.1. Query Strings and Extra Path Information
techniques, summary of: 11. Maintaining State
maintenance page, DBI address book (example): Address book CGI script
manual installation, modules: B.1.1. Installing Modules
manual lock files, creating: Manual lock files
manually constructed URLs, passing parameters without equal sign (=): 4.3. Decoding Form Input
Mason module: 6.5. Mason
MAXLENGTH attribute (text fields): Text fields
MD5 hash algorithm: 8.3. Encryption
8.3.1. MD5
11.1. Query Strings and Extra Path Information
media types: 1.2. Introduction to CGI
Accept header, checking for: 13.5.2. Converting PNGs to GIFs or JPEGs
application/x-www-form-urlencoded: 4.1. Sending Data to the Server
checking client browser for supported: 3.4.1. Check the Client Browser
content negotiation and: 2.6. Content Negotiation
encoding HTTP requests, specifying with ENCTYPE attribute: 4.2.2. The <FORM> Tag
forms, multipart/form-data: 4.1. Sending Data to the Server
header method, specifying with: Media type
HTTP Media Types specification: A.4. Other Specifications
JPEG files, differing from file extension: 13.2.1. An Example
registered for web (IANA registry): Content-Type
memory cache, DB_File: 12.3. Inverted Index Search
memory management, problems with symbol aliases: 5.1.3. Standard and Object-Oriented Syntax
menus: 4.2.4. The <SELECT> Tag
message digests
entity tags and: ETag
MD5 hash algorithm: 8.3.1. MD5
SHA-1, producing with: 8.3.2. SHA-1
messages, errors (see error messages under errors)
meta-commands, HTML::Embperl module: Embperl code blocks Meta-commands
meta-information (HTTP request/response headers): 2.2.1. The Request and Response Cycle
meta tags, reference to hash containing: start_html
METHOD attribute: 4.2.2. The <FORM> Tag
environment information: 5.2.1. Environment Information
for HTML form elements: 5.3.4. Form Elements
functions vs. in Perl: 5.1.3. Standard and Object-Oriented Syntax
HTTP requests
not supported by requested resource: Specifying status codes
PUT and Delete: PUT and DELETE
methods (CGI.pm)
capitalization in: 5.3.3. Standard HTML Elements
methods (HTTP requests): 2.3.1. The Request Line
Excel, CSV format in: 10.1.5. DBD::CSV
Internet Explorer
bookmarklets, not supporting: Compatibility
JScript implementation of JavaScript: 7.1.1. History
Mozilla, claiming as nickname: User-Agent
communicating with other servers: 14.1. Communicating with Other Servers
communicating with other servers sockets: 14.1.1. Sockets
XML, CGI gateway to: 14.5. CGI Gateway to XML Middleware
middleware (CGI): 14. Middleware and XML
MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)
Content-type of HTTP responses vs.: Content-Type
headers, HTTP vs.: 2.2.2. HTTP Headers
mixed charts
commute_mixed.cgi script: 13.4.2. GD::Graph
creating with GD::Graph::mixed: 13.4.2. GD::Graph
MLDBM module: 10.2.2. MLDBM
using with DB_File to lock DBM file: 10.2.2. MLDBM
modification time, files
calculating with Schwartzian Transform: 12.3.1. Search Application
comparing for: 12.3.1. Search Application
HTML documents, displaying with SSI: 6.2.3. Environment Variables
mod_perl: 17.3. mod_perl
Apache web server, use with: 1.3.2. Alternatives to CGI
guide, accessing online: 17.3.2. mod_perl Considerations
installation and configuration: 17.3.1. Installation and Configuration
issues with using: 17.3.2. mod_perl Considerations
Mason module, requirement for: 6.5. Mason
module supporting ASP with: 1.3.2. Alternatives to CGI
strict pragma, required use of: 1.2.1. Sample CGI
modules: flock
(see also individual module name entries)
Apache::PerlRun: 17.3.2. mod_perl Considerations
Apache::Registry: 17.3. mod_perl
Benchmark: 8.4.4. Why Use Taint Mode?
benchmarking: 17.1.2. Benchmark Modules, Too
BerkeleyDB: 10.2.1. DB_File
capitalization of, standardizing: 16.2. Coding Guidelines
CGI, lightweight: 5.1.2. The Kitchen Sink
5.1.2. The Kitchen Sink
CGIBook::UserTracker: 11.1. Query Strings and Extra Path Information
CGI.pm: 5. CGI.pm
file uploads, disabling: 5.1.1. Denial of Service Attacks
functions of: 5.1.2. The Kitchen Sink
input, handling with: 5.2. Handling Input with CGI.pm
standard and object-oriented syntax: 5.1.3. Standard and Object-Oriented Syntax
constant module: 17.3.2. mod_perl Considerations
Data::Dumper: 15.3.4. Dumping Variables
DBD::CSV: 10.1.5. DBD::CSV
16.1.6. Separating Storage from Your Primary Code
DB_File: 10.2.1. DB_File
DBI::CSV: 10.1.5. DBD::CSV
Devel::SawAmpersand: 17.1.10. Regular Expressions
Digest::MD5: 8.3.1. MD5
exporting symbols: 5.1.3. Standard and Object-Oriented Syntax
external, delaying loading with autouse: 17.1.7. autouse
Fcntl module: flock
access flags: 10.2.1. DB_File
File::Basename: 12.3. Inverted Index Search
File::Find: 12.3. Inverted Index Search
GD module
additional modules, working with: 13.4. Additional GD Modules
generating PNGs: 13.3. Generating PNGs with GD
Getopt::Long: 12.3. Inverted Index Search
HTML::Embperl: 6.4. Embperl
HTML::Mason: 6.5. Mason
HTML::Parser: 11.1. Query Strings and Extra Path Information
HTML::Template: 6.3. HTML::Template
Image::Magick module: 13.5. PerlMagick
installing manually: B.1.1. Installing Modules
IO::File module: Anonymous temporary files
IO::Socket module: 14.1.2. IO::Socket
LWP module: 8.2.5. Trusting the Browser
Mail::Mailer module: 9.6. Perl Mailers
MLDBM module: 10.2.2. MLDBM
mod_perl for Apache web server: 1.3.2. Alternatives to CGI
mod_unique_id: 11.1. Query Strings and Extra Path Information
Net::SMTP module: 9.6. Perl Mailers
Perl: B. Perl Modules
creating your own: 5.5.4. Custom Module
open source: 1.3.1. Why Perl?
PerlMagick (see Image\\Magick module)
POSIX, generating temporary filenames: Named temporary files
reading identifiers and parsing CGI script output: 11.1. Query Strings and Extra Path Information
SelfLoader: 17.1.6. SelfLoader
Tk.pm: ptkdb
URI::URL: 2.1.3. URL Encoding
WDDX.pm: 7.3.1. WDDX
example: 7.3.2. Example
XML::Grove: 14.5. CGI Gateway to XML Middleware
XML::Parser module: 14.3. Document Type Definition
Mozilla (browser nickname): User-Agent
multipart/form-data: Content-Type
4.1. Sending Data to the Server
5.2.4. File Uploads with CGI.pm
requests, transfer errors in: 5.2.4. File Uploads with CGI.pm
MULTIPLE attribute ( TAG): 4.2.4. The <SELECT> Tag
multiple HTTP headers, handling with header method: Media type
multiple interpreters, references to: 15.1.2. The Pound-Bang
multiple values (form elements), handling in CGI scripts: 4.3. Decoding Form Input
music_browser.cgi (example): 7.3.2. Example
music_browser.tmpl file (example): 7.3.2. Example
my function, localizing variables with: 17.1.3. Localize Variables with my

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