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name and version (web servers): Server
NAME attribute: 4.2.3. The <INPUT> Tag
6.3.1. Syntax Conditionals
checkboxes: Checkboxes
hidden fields: Hidden fields
plain buttons: Plain buttons
reset buttons: Reset buttons
name-value pairs
cookies: 11.3.1. Setting Cookies
form paramaters, entering as: 15.3.3. Running Scripts from the Command Line
header field lines (HTTP responses): 2.4. Server Responses
HTTP headers: 2.2.2. HTTP Headers Media type
joining with equal sign (=): 4.1. Sending Data to the Server
MLDBM module and: 10.2.2. MLDBM
query strings: 2.1.1. Elements of a URL
separating with ampersands ( & ): 4.3. Decoding Form Input
named temporary files: Named temporary files
fully qualified, variables: 15.2.1. Use strict
grammar, developing guidelines for: 16.2. Coding Guidelines
image buttons, translating to submit button names: Supporting image buttons as submit buttons
temporary files, getting: 5.2.4. File Uploads with CGI.pm
uploaded files, accessing: 5.2.4. File Uploads with CGI.pm
parameters, exporting to: 5.2.3. Exporting Parameters to a Namespace
Perl packages, maintaining separate for: 5.1.3. Standard and Object-Oriented Syntax
NCSA Common Gateway Interface specification: A.4. Other Specifications
Net/Config.pm file, editing: 9.6. Perl Mailers
Communicator, User-Agent field: User-Agent
Navigator, JavaScript development for: 7.1.1. History
What's Related feature: 14.4. Writing an XML Parser
Windows systems, sending paths to files as filenames: 5.2.4. File Uploads with CGI.pm
XML-based: 14.4. Writing an XML Parser
Communicator, bookmarklets and: 7.4.1. Bookmarklet Basics
cookie parameters: 11.3.1. Setting Cookies
Enterprise Server (see iPlanet Enterprise Server)
XML server, well-formed XML documents and: 14.5. CGI Gateway to XML Middleware
Net::SMTP module: 9.6. Perl Mailers
network traffic
reducing with proxies: 2.5.2. Caching
reducing with server redirection: Forwarding to another URL
new address screen: Address book CGI script
binmode, calling for systems not using: 3.4.1. Check the Client Browser
ending Content-type headers: Outputting documents
operating systems, using on different: Outputting documents
tab file delimiters and: 10.1.4. Delimiters
text wrapping and: 4.2.5. The <TEXTAREA> Tag
News module (example): Embperl handler
administrative functions: Embperl handler
newsgroups, Perl: A.6. Newsgroups
NFS systems, locking files across: flock
nobody user: 15.1.1. Application Permissions
autoreply from, all incoming messages: 9.7.1. Autoreply from nobody
data storage file permissions and: 8.5.3. File Permissions
file permissions and (Unix systems): 10.1.2. Write Permissions
non-validating XML parsers: 14.3. Document Type Definition
not found status code for requested resources: Specifying status codes
nph (non-parsed headers): 3.3.2. Complete (Non-Parsed) Headers
null list, equating arrays to: 17.1.5. undef Versus ( )
file locks, indicating type: flock
in perl: 1.3.1. Why Perl?

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