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Last-modified field: Last-Modified
web page, displaying with SSI: 6.2. Server Side Includes
LAST_MODIFIED variable: 6.2.3. Environment Variables
in files including other files: 6.2.5. Including Boilerplates
length, HTTP message content: Content-Length Content-Length
lexical variables
in Embperl module: Variable scope
mod_perl, problems with: 17.3.2. mod_perl Considerations
libpng, using with gd: 13.3.1. Installation
libraries, specifying Perl with use statement: Connecting to DBI
libwww-perl (see LWP)
line and point charts combination, creating with GD::Graph::linespoints module: 13.4.2. GD::Graph
line charts
creating with GD::Graph::lines module: 13.4.2. GD::Graph
three-dimensional, creating with GD::Graph::lines3d module: 13.4.3. GD::Graph3D
line endings: 3.4.1. Check the Client Browser
(see also end-of-line characters; newlines)
CGI scripts, not matching current system: 15.1.3. Line Endings
differences in operating systems: Outputting documents
newlines end of line character, binmode and: 3.4.1. Check the Client Browser
appending query strings containing session identifier to: 11.2. Hidden Fields
HTML documents
replacing: 11.1. Query Strings and Extra Path Information
updating another document with: Specifying an alternative target
symbolic links, security risks with: Configuring by directory
list context, scalar context vs.: Date
choices for users: 4.2.4. The <SELECT> Tag
elements: List elements
empty lists, use of: 15.2.1. Use strict
printing multiple items in: 5.3.3. Standard HTML Elements
user input, allowed: 8.2.3. Security Strategies
loads.cgi script, plotting average system loads: 13.3.2. Using GD
local function: 5.3.3. Standard HTML Elements
17.1.3. Localize Variables with my
local processes as clients: 14.1. Communicating with Other Servers
local variables
bracket pair enclosing in Embperl: Embperl code blocks
declarations, strict mode and: 15.2.1. Use strict
localizing variables: 17.1.3. Localize Variables with my
locating perl, Unix system: 15.1.2. The Pound-Bang
Location header: Location
300-level status responses and: Specifying status codes
redirect method, using instead of: Redirection
redirecting requests: Forwarding to another URL
locking files: Embperl handler
10.1.1. Locking
15.2.5. File Locking
flock command, using: flock
hash files: 10.2.1. DB_File
manual lock files: Manual lock files
401 status code responses, asking for: Specifying status codes
resources, restricting with: WWW-Authenticate
restricted areas (websites), accessing with: Authorization
creating with HTML::Template: Loops
parameters as conditions: Conditionals
lossless data compression: 13.1.1. GIF
lossy compression algorithm, use in JPEG format: 13.1.3. JPEG
lowercase index, creating: 12.3. Inverted Index Search
LWP module: 8.2.5. Trusting the Browser
14.1.3. LWP
14.5. CGI Gateway to XML Middleware
LWP::Simple module: 14.1.3. LWP
14.5. CGI Gateway to XML Middleware
get subroutine: 14.5. CGI Gateway to XML Middleware
LZW compression algorithm: 13.1.1. GIF

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