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Table of Contents

udpublickey(1M) - update the publickey database file and the NIS map
ugweb(1M) - starts the HP-UX User and Group Account Configuration tool
umount(1M) - mount and unmount file systems — see mount(1M)
umount_cachefs(1M) - mount and unmount CacheFS file systems — see mount_cachefs(1M)
umount_cdfs(1M) - mount and unmount CDFS file systems — see mount_cdfs(1M)
umount_hfs(1M) - mount and unmount HFS file systems — see mount_hfs(1M)
umount_lofs(1M) - mount and unmount LOFS file systems — see mount_lofs(1M)
umount_nfs(1M) - mount and unmount remote NFS resources — see mount_nfs(1M)
umountall(1M) - mount and unmount multiple file systems — see mountall(1M)
unlink(1M) - execute link() and unlink() system calls without error checking — see link(1M)
unshare(1M) - make local resource unavailable for mounting by remote systems
unshare_nfs(1M) - make local NFS file systems unavailable for mounting by remote systems
unshareall(1M) - share, unshare multiple resources — see shareall(1M)
untic(1M) - terminfo de-compiler
update-ux(1M) - updates the HP-UX operating system from new HP-UX media
updaters(1M) - configuration file for NIS updating
ups_mond(1M) - HP PowerTrust Uninterruptible Power System monitor daemon
useradd(1M) - add a new user login to the system
userdbck(1M) - verify or fix information in the user database, /var/adm/userdb
userdbget(1M) - display information residing in the user database, /var/adm/userdb
userdbset(1M) - modify information in the user database, /var/adm/userdb
userdel(1M) - delete a user login from the system
usermod(1M) - modify a user login on the system
userstat(1M) - check status of local user accounts
utmp2wtmp(1M) - overview of accounting and miscellaneous accounting commands — see acct(1M)
utmpd(1M) - user accounting database daemon
uucheck(1M) - check the uucp directories and permissions file
uucico(1M) - transfer files for the uucp system
uuclean(1M) - uucp spool directory clean-up
uucleanup(1M) - uucp spool directory clean-up
uucpd(1M) - UUCP over TCP/IP server daemon
uugetty(1M) - set terminal type, modes, speed and line discipline
uuls(1M) - list spooled uucp transactions grouped by transaction
uusched(1M) - schedule uucp transport files
uusnap(1M) - show snapshot of the UUCP system
uusnaps(1M) - sort and embellish uusnap output
uusub(1M) - monitor uucp network
uuxqt(1M) - execute remote uucp or uux command requests
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