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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

Technical documentation

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shareall, unshareall — share, unshare multiple resources


/usr/sbin/shareall [-F FSType [,FSType ]...] [ - | file ]

/usr/sbin/unshareall [-F FSType [,FSType ]...]


When used with no arguments, shareall shares all resources from file, which contains a list of share command lines. If the operand is a hyphen (-), then the share command lines are obtained from the standard input. Otherwise, if neither a file nor a hyphen is specified, then the /etc/dfs/dfstab file is used as the default.

Resources may be shared by specific file system types by specifying the file systems in a comma-separated list as an argument to -F.

unshareall unshares all currently shared resources. Without a -F flag, it unshares resources for all distributed file system types.


The following options are supported:

-F FStype

Specify file system type. Defaults to the first entry in /etc/dfs/fstypes.



file containing commands for sharing resources across a network


file that registers distributed file system packages


shareall and unshareall was developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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