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Table of Contents

rad(1M) - rad features have been moved to olrad
ram_monitor(1M) - the Route Administration Manager (RAM) monitor
ramd(1M) - Route Administration Manager Daemon (RAMD) for IPv6
rarpc(1M) - Reverse Address Resolution Protocol client
rarpd(1M) - Reverse Address Resolution Protocol daemon
rbacdbchk(1M) - Verifies the syntax of the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) database files
rc(1M) - general purpose sequencer invoked upon entering new run level
rcancel(1M) - remove requests from a remote printer spooling queue
rdc(1M) - user interface for Routing Administration Manager (RAMD)
rdpd(1M) - router discovery protocol daemon (OBSOLETE)
rdump(1M) - incremental file system dump, local or across network — see dump(1M)
reboot(1M) - reboot the system
reject(1M) - allow/prevent LP destination queuing requests — see accept(1M)
remshd(1M) - remote shell server
renice(1M) - alter priority of running processes
repquota(1M) - summarize file system quotas
restore(1M) - restore file system incrementally, local or across network
rexd(1M) - RPC-based remote execution server
rexecd(1M) - remote execution server
ripngd(1M) - RIPng routing daemon for IPv6
ripquery(1M) - query RIP gateways
rlogind(1M) - remote login server
rlp(1M) - send LP print request to a remote system
rlpdaemon(1M) - daemon for queuing, displaying, removing and altering remote spool requests and writing remote messages
rlpstat(1M) - print status of LP spooler requests on a remote system
rmboot(1M) - install, update or remove boot programs from disk — see mkboot(1M)
rmsf(1M) - remove a special (device) file
rmt(1M) - remote magnetic-tape protocol module
roleadm(1M) - noninteractive editing of role-related information in RBAC databases
route(1M) - manually manipulate the routing tables
rpc.lockd(1M) - network lock daemon — see lockd(1M)
rpc.mountd(1M) - server for NFS mount requests and NFS access checks — see mountd(1M)
rpc.nisd_resolv(1M) - DNS service daemon for NIS
rpc.pcnfsd(1M) - PC-NFS authentication and print request server — see pcnfsd(1M)
rpc.sprayd(1M) - spray server — see sprayd(1M)
rpc.statd(1M) - network status monitor — see statd(1M)
rpc.yppasswdd(1M) - daemon for modifying Network Information Service passwd database — see yppasswdd(1M)
rpc.ypupdated(1M) - server for changing NIS information — see ypupdated(1M)
rpcbind(1M) - universal addresses to RPC program number mapper
rpcinfo(1M) - report RPC information
rquotad(1M) - remote quota server
rrestore(1M) - restore file system incrementally, local or across network — see restore(1M)
rstatd(1M) - kernel statistics server
rtradvd(1M) - Router Advertisement daemon for IPv6
runacct(1M) - run daily accounting
rusersd(1M) - network username server
rwall(1M) - write to all users over a network
rwalld(1M) - network rwall server
rwhod(1M) - system status server
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