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HP-UX 11i Version 3: February 2007

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rquotad — remote quota server




rquotad is an RPC server that returns quotas for a user of a local file system currently mounted by a remote machine by means of NFS (see rpc(3N)). The results are used by quota to display user quotas for remote file systems (see quota(1)).

rquotad might not work for local filesystems which support a 64-bit quota file format. The Q_QUOTAINFO command of the quotactl() system call can be used to determine the quota file format supported by a particular filesystem. (See quotactl(2)).

rquotad is normally invoked by inetd (see inetd(1M)).


Disk Quotas were developed by the University of California, Berkeley, Sun Microsystems, Inc., and HP.



Quota statistics static storage for a file system, where directory is the root of the file system.

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