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Index: U

uasort( ): Sorting with user-defined element comparison
unary not operator: 2.2.3. Conditional Expressions
Unix cron tables: 13.1.1. cron Jobs
Unix timestamp: 2.8.1. Generating a Timestamp
unix_timestamp( ): 13.1. Automated Housekeeping
UNLOCK TABLES statement: The LOCK TABLES and UNLOCK TABLES statements in MySQL
unrepeatable read problem: 6.2. Issues in Writing Data to Databases
6.2.1. Transactions and Concurrency
unset( ): Testing, setting, and unsetting variables
update( ): Prefilling <form> data with JavaScript calculations
Update Quantities button: 11.2.1. Viewing the Shopping Cart
UPDATE statement: 3.5.3. Updating Data
limitations of: 3.10.4. Limitations of MySQL
privileges and: Permissions
WHERE clause and: 3.6.2. WHERE Clauses
updateDiscount( ): 6.2.3. Locking Tables in Web Database Applications
updatePassword( ): 9.3. Authentication Using a Database
updates: 6.1. Database Inserts, Updates, and Deletes
(see also database updates)
updating data: 3.5.3. Updating Data
upper( ): String-comparison operators and functions
URL rewrite feature: Encoding the session ID as a GET variable
URLs: B.2.2. Uniform Resource Locators
Apache server: The Apache HTTP server, Version 1.3
A.1.3. Installing Apache
ApacheSSL: A.3. Installing Apache to Use SSL
embedded: 5.2.2. Adding Links to Results
caution with: 5.2.2. Adding Links to Results
passing data with: 5.1.3. Passing Data with Embedded Links
mod_ssl: A.3. Installing Apache to Use SSL
MySQL: A.1.1. Installing MySQL
OpenSSL: A.3.1. Installing OpenSSL
documentation for: A.3.3. Creating a Key and Certificate
passing data with: 5.1.1. Passing Data with URLs
PHP: A.1.4. Installing PHP
manual for: A.4. Installation Resources
PHP Triad for Windows: A.4. Installation Resources
PostgreSQL: 1.4.3. The MySQL DBMS
Smarty PHP template engine: 13.2. Templates
this book: A.2. Installing the Winestore Examples
winestore application: 1.5.1. What Is Hugh and Dave's Online Wines?
XTemplate class library: 13.2. Templates
user agents: 1.2. The Client Tier
user-driven querying: Database-driven querying
(see also querying, user-driven)
user input: 5.1. User Input
querying with: 5.2. Querying with User Input
security and: 5.1.4. Security and User Data
user tracking: User tracking and session management
(see also session management)
adding/deleting: 3.10.3. Adding and Deleting Users
authenticating: 10.3. Authenticating Users
accessing credentials for: 9.2.1. Access to User Credentials from PHP
customer authentication and: 9.4.3. Case Study: Customer Authentication
authorizing access for: 9.2.3. Authorizing User Access
customer management and: 10. Winestore Customer Management
element comparisons defined by: Sorting with user-defined element comparison
functions defined by: 2.10. User-Defined Functions
login requirement for: Forcing users to a login page
multiple, issues affecting: 6.2. Issues in Writing Data to Databases
reload problem and: 6.1.1. Reloading Data and Relocation Techniques
session handlers defined by: D.2.2. Building User-Defined Session Handlers
which web browser used by: Which browser is the user using?
usort( )
comparing strings and: 2.6.3. Comparing Strings
sorting arrays and: Sorting with user-defined element comparison Sorting with user-defined element comparison

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